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  1. I review for a number of categories that have little in the way of minimum requirements and others that require two or three photographs and two or three sentences in the long description. It is much more enjoyable to review the more specific category submissions. They tend to be educational, informative and well thought out. Those with minimum requirements, well, that is what you get. The minimum. I would prefer a minimum number of sentences and a minimum of two photographs in every category. And, have each reviewer hold to those requirements. Beyond the minimum, the long description should be relevant to the category, not just a copy and paste of material submitted to a different category in an attempt to do the least amount of work.
  2. I'm having the same problem with a placeholder cache from the first. I hope the fix comes soon.
  3. I might have a chance to find one! Definitely yes!
  4. Keith you have missed your true calling. Put down the gps and write, write, write. Bob
  5. Is it possible to add Costco stores as a subcategory of national retail chains? Thanks
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