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Request: Translation Feature for Adventure Labs


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Ok, I know that people have asked for a translation feature for geocaches, and most people suggest pasting the geocache URL into a translation app like Google Translate. Cool, I can live with that.


But, Adventure Labs are only played in the app, so there's no URL to paste into Google Translate. The Adventure Labs app doesn't even let me natively select text to copy and paste into a translation app. Can we please have a translation feature built into Adventure Labs please? Maybe if Google Translate has an API, consider hooking it into the Adventure Labs app even it has to be a premium member only feature?

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6 hours ago, Echo_Sierra said:

The Adventure Labs app doesn't even let me natively select text to copy and paste into a translation app

It lets me copy and paste the descriptions and questions to Google translate, with both a browser and app, so apparently I'm not understanding what you're saying. What does it mean by natively? 

One thing I cannot copy and paste are reviews.



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I use the iOS app which does not let me highlight text (which is a limitation of the app). I can work around it by taking a screenshot and using iOS's text recognition to copy it out of the screenshot, but that's just extra steps that hopefully the Adventure Labs developers can help with!

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