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How to tell if Garmin unit is still connected when screen is off?

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I usually have the backlight at the lowest possible brightness to conserve battery power. However, I read that I can turn off the screen completely while it's still connected to GPS installation to preserve battery life. However, I can't tell if it's connected to GPS in that situation. Is there any way such as a light indicator that can warn me when it's connected to GPS or not? This is for the Garmin 65s and 66SR. 

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Check out the "expedition mode" feature.  It uses way less power and has a light indicator.

Expedition Mode on the GPSMAP 66 Series

Expedition Mode prolongs the battery life of a GPSMAP 66 series handheld while recording an activity or track. When enabled the screen will turn off and the red light next to the power button will occasionally flash (GPSMAP 66i flashes green) to let you know the unit is still powered on and recording data. For instructions on enabling Expedition Mode review the owner's manual.

Key Features of Expedition Mode

  • The screen will power off. Tap the Power button to use as normal.
  • Enabling Expedition Mode will prompt the handheld to start recording, even if Auto Start has been disabled in the Recording settings.
  • Track points are dropped via a smart recording mode that will determine the best interval to log based off of movement and other factors.
    • Track log detail will be reduced when the setting is enabled.
  • Bluetooth connections are disabled while in Expedition Mode.
  • ANT + connections to Heart Rate monitors or other sensors are disabled while in Expedition Mode.

Use Lithium AA batteries with the GPSMAP 66s or GPSMAP 66st for the best battery life in Expedition Mode, especially in cold weather environments. In cold weather environments, Lithium batteries have more power and will last longer (approximately 170 hours). Alkaline batteries are expected to last approximately 100 hours. The GPSMAP 66i and GPSMAP 66sr use non-replaceable Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.


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