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Malfunction Geocaching website?


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For more than a week now, a strange problem has been occurring on the Geocaching.com website.
Fortunately, most options that I can click on work well, but a few refuse, such as the button 'Log geocache' and the trackable option 'Found? Write a log!'.
There may be a few more, but these are the ones I use the most and they don't work. This problem occurs under the most recent Windows 10 version and with different browsers such as Chrome (standard), Edge and Firefox and a page refresh does not offer a solution.
I have no similar problems with other websites and therefore suspect that the cause must be sought on the Geocaching.com website. In any case, I can't figure it out and after an intensive search on the internet I can't find a solution. 

Who can help me further?

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,



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1 hour ago, Disgeover said:

The same screen that doesn't appear when I click the 'Log geocache' button.


When (in Firefox) I hover my mouse over the green "Log Geocache" button the link appears on the botton left side of the screen like this (before I click anything)




Do you see anything like this?


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In the meantime I think I have found the cause and solution: I use NordVPN on Windows and discovered that when it was deactivated everything functioned normally. After resetting this app, everything appears to function properly for the time being. As far as I'm concerned, this case can be closed, but I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks Arisoft for your comments!

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2 hours ago, Disgeover said:

I use NordVPN on Windows and discovered that when it was deactivated everything functioned normally.


Interesting result. Connection to geocaching.com is already encrypted and NordVPN should not have any way to modify the content of the site. It seems quite odd behaviour because the link is already available, as you noticed from the bottom left corner, and it is not even scripted button - just a normal anchor. What I would like to check next is how "Log Geocache" button reacts to the right mouse button. Will it open the pop up menu where you can open the page into another tab.

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Arisoft thanks for your comment.

It is indeed very strange, especially since I have been using NordVPN for several years. But the fact is that shutting down NordVPN and eventually resetting this app did the trick. As for your question, I've tried this before and only resulted in a blank page. Since everything is now back to normal, I can no longer simulate this.

In my opinion NordVPN was the cause, but how and why? Maybe I should bring this up to them.

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I noticed something similar recently.  I don't remember if it was with the geocaching site or another site, but I know that resetting my VPN (a different provider), or rather changing the endpoint to one of several I cycle through, fixed the problem.


A VPN typically provides your DNS lookups, and I suspect that some external code Groundspeak uses changed its location, and DNS records were slow to update.  Just a guess.  I would just shrug and write it down to experience.  :)

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Glad to read I'm not the only one with similar issues.

I don't pay much attention to it anymore. If it happens again in the future, I hope I remember this incident and solution and perhaps others will benefit from this incident :rolleyes: .

Thanks everyone for their comments.

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