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[troubleshooting] from geocaching app to adventure lab app


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It used to work like a charm but, a few days ago, something changed.


When I click an adventure lab waypoint within Geocaching app, it does not open in the adventure lab app but it rather opens a web page on Google's playstore, inviting me to install adventure lab app.


I haven't found any pointer to solve this issue. Any idea ?


Many thanks,



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It seems to work fine for me - whether I am logged in to the AdLab app or not.

Adventure Lab app version 1.3.34 Build 3090,  Android 12 on a Google Pixel 4a

Geocaching app version 9.6 


Are you on the latest versions of both the Adventure Lab and Geocaching app?  Android or iOS? 

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This is an Android 12 issue. Go into Android settings, Apps, select Adventure Lab app, tap Open by default, tap Add link... then check all the links you want Android to send to the AL app.


This is how users control which apps respond to specific links. 

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