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Coordinates will not upate


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In the past there has been some confusion about updating coordinates and solved coordinates.


Coordinates are updated via the update coordinates log, as you say. That updates the posted coordinates of the cache.


In case your cache also has solved coordinates,  that you set via the pencil on the cache details page, the coordinates should show in italics.





You may have also set them in the Geocaching App under waypoints which would carry over to the website.


Solved coordinates will always be the ones shown in the geocaching app and on the website. Updating the posted coordinates via an Update coordinates log doesn't change that.



So I'd double check the above and remove any corrected coordinates as necessary.


All that said, without knowing which cache you think you updated, it will be hard for any admin to help you. In the future, please include the GC-code for the cache that you are having problems with.

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7 hours ago, luckytwo said:

I have made an "update coordinates" log, and the log says it is updated, but the coordinates will not change on the website page. The app will not show the new coordinates either. Something change?

It would be helpful if you could link to the cache. I found this recent coord update. Is that the one you're referring to?  The move was only 1.2 meters, small enough to not be noticeable maybe?

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"Bilboa, the Ents are coming" is the correct cache name.


I updated coordinates using the Update Coordinates Log.  (Note that the first time I tried the cache was disabled, not sure if that makes a difference). Anyway, You will note I have tried changing the coordinates twice more, moving it 35 meters, then back again. Still the original location on the cache page remains at

N 49° 39.763 W 100° 42.914

Any suggestions?






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Looks like you have used the little pencil to update coordinates at some time in the past. This is only visible to you and does not change when you update coordinates on the right side of the screen. (Your personal changes are shown in italics font)


To fix...click on the little pencil and do a restore of the correct coordinates.


Then all will be ok.

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