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Night cache help please

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Hello everyone. I need a bit of help. I want to place a night cache and I can’t remember the name of those tiny reflective tags to put on trees fence posts etc. They are tiny and incredibly reflective and I’m sure there is a company in the USA that produces them. I’m in the UK but hopefully they will export across the pond. I keep thinking of “Flame Tags” or “Fire Tags” or something like that but a google search doesn’t return any results. 


All good wishes to you all.


Martin (Herne2 and Cara the Geodog)

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Hi, my husband and I have set a few night caches and have developed very discreet during daytime but VERY reflective markers for night caching, we have made reflective ones of various colours and they are VERY REFLECTIVE, we have also made some which are UV and GLOW IN THE DARK, these are very well made and far better than the Fire tacks you mention as they are difficult to place as they need to be at the right angle to be seen and also easily spotted by non cachers in the daytime. 

We are going to be selling them on etsy soon but I thought I'd share incase you wanted to save money as the ones you've mentioned are VERY expensive and like double the price we will be. 


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