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A question for Toronto area hikers.....

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Now that the long dark winter is behind us and the weather has finally turned to summer, we're beginning to expand this years geocaching season with more hiking and travelling. And I find myself with a question that I'm hoping some of the locals from the Durham region/Toronto area might be able to help me with.


My wife is an avid amateur photographer, but this year she's trying to branch out beyond the nature shots. What we're looking for are items of interest along the lines of old buildings, abandoned mills, etc. Generally, man made structures that are outside of the city areas that would make good subjects for some photography.


Does anyone have any thoughts that they could share with us?


Thanks everyone!




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No to sound self promoting but....


Come visit my caches



Crazy D's Car Lot and

A Cache so Nice.


All are in Brooklin and within a Km of each other, Brooklin is a lovely century village and the west side of brock road has some lovely turn of the centry houses. Stay away form the east side of Brock though becuase that's where all the sub divisions are and there is little of interest to see there.


Come on up and stroll the streets, you might just be suprised.


Also, Port Perry is just a short hop away with some lovely architecture also, so make it a weekend!


Best of Luck



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I always think cut-stone masonry is picturesque. Whether its a span, structure or building. Here's one of the stops on my GCE34 geocache (shameless plug).

Cut Stone Masonry

Other examples can be found in most places 'round here:

Palgrave, Glen Williams, Georgetown, Belfountain, Old Welland Canal, many railroad bridges etc.

All of this stuff is over 100 years old now.


Another one that will likely yield a few pic's is the old hydro generating station at the Cataract. Not too surprisingly this is located near another one of my caches GC473E icon_smile.gif I suspect to get the good pictures you'll have to trespass on railway property and ignore some Do Not Enter signs and possibly excersize some derring doo.


Myself, I like Art Deco & Streamline Moderne architecture, but there isn't much of it around Toronto. Here's one in Miami Example


Hope this helps!


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There is a book that I saw at Mountain Equipment Coop. I don't remember the exact title but it was all about hiking the trails of Toronto's parks and rivers.


I recall seeing references to interesting buildings and structures.



Mobile Cache Command

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