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GeoCaching Events in Saudi Arabia


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Sorry, I said be careful but didn't explain. What I meant was be careful of local laws and such. Here depending where the event is to be held you usually need to rent space or let the place where the event is going to be held know ahead of time and get the ok from them. You say 'camp' what do you mean by that? A public place would be good but bad for actual caching depending on how you place/hide your caches. What kinds of ideas do you have for an event?



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I spent 2 years, 111 days in the Middle East; it's not as bad as you think. Although sometimes it is worse than you can imagine. I have faith that the people who will organize this will be respectful of local customs.


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I think it may be a bit early. Give it time. Geocachers tend to be visiting locations and then bagging the cache close by rather than be purists/addicts. We have a plan to set up an event down Hidden Valley and Wadi Nisah for a particular group but open to all. It will be of interest to see who attends from outside the group.


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Ah Walz you have baited my web. I have been advocating more caches accessible to the two-wheelers. Would people listen and there you are crying for more. I have to say the number open to you is a tad limited. Martin's Fall (GC9D2B)is a possibility as is Hair of the Damned (GC937E).


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You are of course correct however all of our caches are of varying difficulty and most (about 80%) require 4WD. Terrain for us is an important criteria. What people can achieve in a 4WD varies enormously and it is important to convey accurately what is involved to enable seekers to make an informed view as to whether this is a cache they want to bag. A stony track requiring a 4WD in a popular area where many people pass is very different to soft sand several hours drive from the nearest habitation which itself may not have recovery or medical facilities. Similarly, when the temperatures can reach 50° it is important to let seekers know how for how long they will out of their vehicle and how far away from their vehicle the hunt will take them so that they may prepare properly. The star rating is the first filter towards this. The system would be ineffective if the vast majority of caches fell into one category. Moreover there is a vast difference between a 3* in South Africa to those in UK and similarly here a local interpretation of the star system has evolved to make it more useful.

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