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  1. E46 38.3 is most likely around a local university here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I'll head out there if I have time tomorrow and take a snapshot of the GPS with a background of the collage buildings (if my guess is accurate). If I head south outside Riyadh, I might reach some canyons.. I'll give it a try
  2. I'm no flora expert, but I'm assuming 5 more months. In June it gets hotter and dryer, unless we get enough rain in the summer and that never happens.
  3. If you're going, follow the Themamah road as if you're going to Aljanadriah Festivals. Pass Aljanadriah traffic light and you'll find Rawdat Alkhafs roughly 64km away to your right. Normal car would do, no 4x4 required.. We might head out there again Thursday morning, let me know if more info is needed..
  4. Natural green landscapes might be normal in some parts of the world, but it's a rare site for us here in the Arabian Peninsula. We were blessed with rain in the past couple of weeks and a green coat of grass covered large areas of the desert lands. One of those areas was less than an hour's drive from Riyadh and we had a picnic there today.. Waypoint: N25 27.651' E46 27.410'
  5. Sorry for the late reply.. From what we hear, public photography is not allowed for "security" reasons and to guarantee the privacy of others. But that will soon be regulated.. Hopefully..
  6. Thanks Jeff.. Please let me know if you're ever in Riyadh. I'll gladly give you a tour around and probably arrange a gathering for local geocachers too
  7. Thanks.. Photography in Dir'eyyah is allowed, but the airshow shots I took while parked at the service road of the east ring road, 150 meters away from the show seating area. I parked our minivan behind a jeep and stood between them while taking the shots. My wife and children kept an eye on incoming traffic.. The good news is, the Supreme Council of Tourism is working with some of the ministries to allow public photography in Saudi Arabia, which is great.
  8. Happy Eid to all.. Sorry I missed the post earlier We had fun at the airshow: And visited the old Dir'eyyah city: Sorry for that many images
  9. Sorry, but there was nothing informative in that article..
  10. That article seems to be a bit skewed.. I liked the part where they mention a device that let's a satellite take a photograph of "the treasure".. Sounds like a troll in action
  11. Good for you Abu Hamad I placed the first cache in Kuwait and it was found by visitors (not residents). I think the same will happen in Bahrain. waleedsgallery.biz
  12. That's roughly 150km (93 miles) south from where I am now. However, since I don't have a jeep or an SUV I can only be near paved road activities. waleedsgallery.biz
  13. As the weather slowly warms up again, I'd like to remind you all of a few summer precautions: - Wear sunscreen. - Cover your heads from the heat of the sun. - Keep yourself hydrated (a pharmacist suggested 7up.) - Drinking lots of water can cause dehydration. - Let others know where you are; stay in communication. - Don't wander off alone. Have fun and be safe waleedsgallery.biz
  14. Interesting point.. Saves up a lot of calories.. waleedsgallery.biz
  15. quote:They are not easy but a lot of fun to produce. Which brings me to the question of finance. Was mapping part of Lord Jimbo's work in Saudi Arabia? To me it's a bit difficult to maintain an 8:30 to 17:30 job while spending so much time on such detailed maps. waleedsgallery.biz
  16. Found this interesting website, and thought you might be interested.. Saudi Caves waleedsgallery.biz
  17. THE RUNES OF MERLIN (Graffiti Rock 1) N 24° 19.087 E 045° 38.521 (WGS84) waleedsgallery.biz
  18. I passed by Jarir bookstore and got a copy of “Desert Treks from Riyadh”; a very interesting guide. However, I was a bit put down when I could not find the coordinate to the locations listed. I’m sure they are available, but was wondering why were they not put there Anyway, in page 18, Graffiti Rock 1 and Tumulus shows an easy to navigate map in 2WD for a very interesting site, and I plan to visit it this coming weekend. I was wondering if anybody has the coordinates for it. Thanks, Waleed waleedsgallery.biz
  19. I would suggest removing the Arabic only document, since it adds no value and limits information to Arabic readers. What do you all think? Edit: I would also suggest converting it to some high-res image format so that people with any type of computer can read/print it. Being a Macintosh user in the world of wintel PCs gave me problems till I was able to edit it. (it was in Window M$-Word format) waleedsgallery.biz
  20. Thanks for info Abo Hamad.. I met a group of young men who are frequent campers, and I asked them about the gear they carry when they go camping during weekends. “A GPS” was a common answer between them and they depend on them a lot, so they carry a bunch of them when they go. Geocaching was not known, but they pointed me to mekshat.com and I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge and positive attitude I saw among them.. It was refreshing.. waleedsgallery.biz
  21. Found a site with a rich index of coordinates, for your reference: http://www.calle.com/world/saudiarabia/index.html waleedsgallery.biz
  22. Mon, Feb 17th @ 4PM I was on an airplane flying to Yanbu. Please extend my apologies to the young man, and tell him that it's all daddy's fault for not emailing in advance waleedsgallery.biz
  23. I emailed Jeremy a couple of times, but I guess he's busy. But please feel free to lobby and I thank you for it By the way, I found a large Saudi Arabian community that uses a GPS to mark good camping grounds, but it's all in Arabic and does not follow the GeoCaching theme (here) waleedsgallery.biz
  24. quote:What floor are you going to. 9th floor.. I was hoping for something higher to enjoy a better view, but it's not up to me. I just hope managers leave us some windows to look through, I hear it's going to be real tight. waleedsgallery.biz
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