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Abnormal use of mobile data

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normally I use my Garmin GPS for caching. But on my holidays I go caching with my smartphone, using the app that shouldn't be named here. There works everything fine. But I use the official App for Drafts and Messages.

Today I noticed shocking that the app used 100 MBs.  I checked my settings and see that I use the app only 12 minutes. 

100 MBs in 12 min is a very high consumption of mobile data. 


I heard from an other cacher that he has the same Problem. 

He is caching with GCDroid and use the official app also only for Drafts (or logging) and Messages. Around 700 MBs are used by the official app and around 300 MBs are used by GCDroid. (But GCDroid is used much more than the official app)


@Geocaching HQ

Please Fix that. For people's with not much mobile data the app isn't usable...



Has anyone the same Problem here?




My English is not the best, so I hope everything is understandable...

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I opened up the iOS app, messed around for a minute or two (moving the map around, searching, and opening caches) and logged all the HTTP traffic. Here were the largest requests.




Seems like the largest requests were on searches (~200kb each) and on (Premium) map tiles (~200kb each.) By my estimate there is around 5mb of traffic in this screenshot alone -- and obviously the screenshot is cut so there's a bunch missing below.


Perhaps GCDroid has better offline maps/map caching?

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Yes, the map is the problem. I use offline Maps in the app that shouldn't be named. So the traffic is reduced. I never thought that a Map use so much data. 

Now I know that I shouldn't use the official app in the field. It is better to download Caches, that are not on my GPS, via Geocaching Live and save it as Draft there...


Thanks for your help 

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