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  1. Just noticed this because I know the mega is not taking place on 29th of April but it does show up on the events calendar and it's also not the greyed out logo in the calendar I'm talking about "Kings and Queens" and the Maze. I'm guessing it's shown because I logged a will attend?
  2. I have been partially using the search map because I'm forced to due to this bug but it's still not a good substitute for the browse map. I would really like to be able to use the browse map again to plan my trips without the extra steps.
  3. Same here. It's been like that for weeks and I posted in the release notes section but my post got deleted because it wasn't relevant to the release note
  4. You are right. That's kinda confusing, I didn't notice that it selected the region as I just typed "Utrecht" and hit enter. It used to auto select the city if I did that. hmm, it seems that using a regional search disables/ignores the "Distance" setting. I just changed it to 1km and it still finds the same 4 caches. Only the filter page makes the difference between a regional or city search clear. The result page just says "Location" in both searches it doesn't make it clear that results are limited to the region
  5. Is there still something broken in the search system? I wanted to look for night caches so I picked "Utrecht, Netherlands" for it's central location with a 200km circle and the night cache attribute: https://www.geocaching.com/play/results/?st=Utrecht%2C+Netherlands&oid=388&ot=region&r=200&hf=1&nfb=ardila.nl&att=52&asc=true&sort=distance It only finds 4 caches but I would expect it to find these for example: https://coord.info/GC80AGC https://coord.info/GC2HC1F https://coord.info/GC90VR4
  6. Interesting read, I never thought about all the breadcrumbs you leave all over geocaching.com and what needs to be cleaned up when you cancel/delete your account. If someone I've had a conversation with, deleted their account, would I see anything in my message center? Like a archive message on the thread or a [user has been deleted] message or do the messages just disappear?
  7. It's minor, but is there a specific reason the profile picture is a circle again? (This has been discussed when the changes to the header image were introduced as well) It was a square before the update and everywhere I look on the website it's a square Profile pics on log activity in the app are also still squares.
  8. Does this version fix the "You've found a firefly" popup stream? Because if I log a bunch of caches on the PC and I open the app afterwards I get like 10 popups saying "You've found a firefly" and it kinda gets annoying after a couple. Especially since I've already got over 7000 points so I don't really care about the fireflies anymore
  9. Installed it a couple of days ago to see if it could replace the geocaching app for offline caching as the official app used over 10G in mobile data in 2 weeks time last summer during my holiday while using offline lists the entire time. But thanks for the heads up. I didn't know it did that. I'll go to the right place to ask questions about the c:... app
  10. I don't know if it's related to this but for the second time in a couple of days the language setting om geocaching.com suddenly switched from Dutch to English (in my case)
  11. While they are are looking into the date formatting could they also include the "discovered it" emails? Because "Found it" emails do honor the date format but "Discovered it" emails don't
  12. It seems to honor the settings I made in my profile: https://www.geocaching.com/account/settings/preferences Then again... What's the difference between these 3?
  13. Going back to the map from the search results causes the map to stop working with Error 500 until you change the search filter Search for anything with a filter (it won't break if you don't use a filter) Click "Map these geocaches" Click back in the browser until you are back in the search result list If you click "Map these geocaches" again you keep getting Error 500 until you change something in filters and search again. In my test I change the favo point minimum from 100 to 99 and that was enough the get the map again
  14. Difficulty and Terrain use a , as a decimal character in my screenshot but distance uses a . But if you look at the filters the D/T values use a . again as the decimal separator
  15. I just noticed the new look when I wanted to lookup some high favo point caches for this weekend. I will by playing around with it a bit. I already noticed some things: The map in the background helped when there are multiple cities with the same name. It would give me an idea of search found the city I was looking for The "Map these geocaches" button used to open in a new tab. It doesn't anymore. https://www.geocaching.com/play/results/?st=Coesfeld%2C+Nordrhein-Westfalen&ot=query&r=50&fp=50&asc=true&sort=distance (It worked the first time. Now I'm getting server 500 errors?) My limit is 50 km, why is the 300.9 km cache included? Clicking "Filtered by" toggles the chevron but doesn't hide the filters..., is it supposed to?
  16. The list has "last modified" in small text underneath it. The PQ has "last generated" in small text underneath it. (Or whatever the correct English translation is, it says something similar to that in Dutch) That's how you can tell the lists and PQ apart in the official app. The PQ from the list was generated without issues.
  17. I do some geocaching tool development sometimes for myself and for my job I do technical support for our business customers So, I know
  18. I found out it was 1 Wherigo at the top of my list that refused to download. (also when trying to open the cache itself to view the full details) After removing it from the list the rest downloaded without issues.
  19. I've tried last night, several times and I've tried this morning but there is no movement in the download bar. Android 11 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Version 8.60.1
  20. Samsung S21 Ultra Android 11 Version: 8.57.0 To add some: Data usage is high, even when using offline lists The app hangs for a few seconds when submitting a log (To give a idea: I've had a couple of android warnings telling that the app was unresponsive asking me if I wanted to wait or kill it) Even more when there is a image attached to the log The screen might turn black or it will just hang on the "Continue" page after submitting the log Images are rotated by the app when they shouldn't be (e.g. standing images get rotated to be horizontal) The app seemed to be really slow when I had several offline lists stored on my phone (I'm unable to test this and removing all of the offline lists has not solved the "hanging" issue when submitting logs Improved Downloading offline lists has improved, I no longer need to retry 10 times before a list is downloaded Thoughts Would it somehow be possible to share offline maps with other apps? I have OsmAnd+ with the OSM offline maps for halve of Europe. I can load the PQ's into the OsmAnd app to navigate to them. But I would like to use the maps of OsmAnd in the geocaching app. (I have no idea if this is even allowed in the Android access/rights structure) Or when you have a offline map stored in Google Maps, can you use that when you select Google Street in the geocaching app
  21. Same issue here. Using offline lists but the data consumption of the app is huge
  22. I wanted to search for a specific attribute around Antwerp Belgium https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?lat=51.21989&lng=4.40346&origin=Antwerpen,+Flanders&ot=3&g=4599&radius=30km&utr=false&att=44 The preview shows the correct city and the caches listed are indeed near Antwerp in Belgium But when I click display on map https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?ot=city&st=Antwerpen, Flanders&lat=51,21989&lng=4,40346&r=30&u=metric&zoom=12&att=44 I get the map for Flanders, Louisiana and no caches Tested on: Chromium Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) snap (64-bit) Firefox 90.0 (64-bit) Kubuntu 21.04
  23. I noticed yesterday that the app is displaying a incorrect number of souvenirs. I checked again this morning and nothing has changed The app only shows 50 and the website shows 289 Samsung S21 Ultra Android 11 App Version: 8.53.0 I've tried logging out and back in and pulling down to force a refresh, still says 50
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