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TB missing

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A TB I had in circulation is apparently missing. I just received notice from Geocaching.com that cache GC89YCO was archived and my TB reported in a log as dropped is not in the inventory list of the cache.


The notice said its last known location was that cache. It suggested I mark it missing on the TB reference page. I went there and the only way I saw to do that was just to make a "write a note" entry. I did that, is there a better/proper way to do that?


Maybe it will show up in another cache sometime.


Edit: I found the way to do it, my blind eyes just did not see the box for that when I looked at the TB page the first time. Now it is marked missing.

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Dang, always sucks when a TB goes MIA.


Some people will leave a missing TB as gone, either as that is the current end to its story or in the hopes that it turns up again someday. We all celebrate when a story comes out of a TB that had gone missing turning up again after several years.


Another option is to create a proxy. You still have the tracking code on the TB's page, so it's just a matter of embedding that code on something and setting it off on a new journey. Proxies aren't for everyone, but it's an option.

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