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transferring puzzles friend>friend

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My friend has solved some power trail puzzles (white on white) but I don't have time to do them myself before we head out on a caching weekend trip. Please help with ways for me to get them from her.


p.s. If this has already been discussed, my apologies. Please direct me to the appropriate thread.

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Hi J0ck.  You're using phone apps of some sort, I assume?  (I can't even remember such basic details about my friends, sigh...)


If she's updated the coords on the cache web pages in her account, then downloaded into her app, that would show those caches at solved coordinates in her app, I'd assume.  It does in my app (Locus) by a preference setting.


Then, she could export those caches as .GPX, throw the file across the room at you, and you'd import it into your app ... at which point, hopefully, your app will show them at the solved coords.


I've never actually done this, but it seems logical.  Feel free to ping me for debugging.




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If both of you are paying members on project-gc the virtual GPS can be used to share corrected coordinates between each other.


Personally I find cachetur.no much easier to use if there are many caches that needs to be updated. Mostky since cachetur never writes over personal cache note that has happened when I used virtual GPS.

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