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  1. My friend has solved some power trail puzzles (white on white) but I don't have time to do them myself before we head out on a caching weekend trip. Please help with ways for me to get them from her. p.s. If this has already been discussed, my apologies. Please direct me to the appropriate thread.
  2. Ok... so... it's all very well for us to ruminate about this, or preach to the converted as it were. Is there ANY possibility the GS is aware of this issue? AND is there ANY possibility the GS would change the way these caches are recorded on the 'Finds for Each Day of the Year' calendar on our profiles? I really don't care how they record the find (UTC or local time zone), but I do care that they are consistent with how they display it, and the way it is displayed on that calendar is not consistent with the found date as they have defined it!
  3. Fancy that... a discussion about an issue that has just raised its ugly head for me. I found 2 lab caches about 3 hours apart... deliberately - one before 17:00 MDT (in my area of the world divides the dates found), the other after so that the first would be recorded the day I found it, and the other on the next. When I check my 'finds by date' calendar both show up on actual date found. However, when I check my public profile, and examine the Lab cache finds list, they are shown as 'found' as intended - the first on the day found, and the second on the next day. And, when I check my 'finds by date' calendar on Project GC, the calendar shows the caches as 'found' as intended, and on my lab cache tab, the dates are also correct. Why does GS record these in 2 different ways? Do they even realize they are recorded differently? Why bother with UTC anyway? It has nothing to do with the recording of other caches. Any chance this might be fixed in the near future?
  4. I get no message. I can get to the main page, but cannot access my account. I have 2 computers (one to eventually replace the other), both running Firefox. My lady has just attempted and SUCCEEDED in getting into her account. She uses chrome. I guess mine hates me. ;-(
  5. Thank you all for your thoughts. It is, perhaps, a brain wave that has become a brain fart. I'll keep looking and asking.
  6. I think I'm using the correct term - refers to a cache that will fit in a crack. The crack in this case isn't really a crack at all, but a slim space between a sign and one of the posts holding the sign. It will be exposed to weather on the edges. Any thoughts or pictures would be appreciated.
  7. WOW! That was fast. Thank you all for your insight. divtable did the trick.
  8. I want to create a table on the cache page for a geocache that I am creating. I have tried http://www.tablesgenerator.com/html_tables# but the result is very poor. I suspect the issue is in the html code used. The table needs to be 3R6C. Then I need to know how to populate it with more than one word items. Help. Please (and thank you in advance). j0ckser
  9. Thank you John. I think the answer is, "It (what I want to do) can't be done." There is a GSAK session at Speedy Creek (WESCAN7) and I'll ask there.
  10. Thank you for the speedy reply. BUT I'm unsure how your answer applies to my query. Perhaps I was unclear. I seek an easy way to copy all the corrected coordinates from my friend's profile to mine. Yes, I could correct the coordinates one by one from her list (a few dozen wouldn't be too hard), but if there are a couple of hundred, surely there must be a simple way? please...
  11. If this query has been answered elsewhere, please point me to it; my search gave a null result. My friend and I are going to do a small geo-art power trail. She has solved the puzzles and corrected the coordinates in her profile. What is the easiest, simplest way for me to acquire those corrected coordinates for my profile. This query has nothing to do with finding the caches, but with how they will be displayed either on my profile or on my android app after we are finished. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I must confess to being confused - how does Waymarking tie in to my 'found' caches against my Geocaching profile?
  13. Thank you Bill93 I guess the next part is to find out if Groundspeak would entertain the idea of allowing Canadian benchmarks to be logged. I'm willing to contact the relevant department in Ottawa but only if Groudspeak says 'yes'. Maybe Canada's 150 BD would be an appropriate nudge?
  14. Thanks for your speedy reply. I guess I need to understand how benchmarks (BMs) are handled as geocaches in the US, so that same approach could be used in Canada. Specifically: 1. How does Groundspeak get the BM coords? 2. How are cachers notified about where BMs are located? 3. What process do cachers use to show that they have found a BM? 4. What credit do cachers get for 'discovering' a BM? What other questions do I need to ask?
  15. Alberta used to have a cache series called Brass Caps. They are survey benchmarks, but 'the program' was essentially a moveable cache. How it worked is irrelevant here. I want to find out if the benchmark idea can be used in Canada, perhaps starting in Alberta as many of us here are familiar with what they look like.
  16. I followed the Android link, and saw a discussion, but must have missed something, because I see no link to an app. I would be very interested to use/betatest your app, as the Wherigo was enjoyable last night. To date I have ignored them as caches because I didn't have any incentive to do them (yesterday we did 11 icons as a challenge).
  17. THANK YOU RANGER FOX There is one piece I forgot: when I go to download the Wherigo Player for Pocket PC, there are 3 requirements, one of which is Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Redistributable Package. I don't know if I have it or not (on my phone), and when I download it, I have no idea where it is (pardon the pun). If I d/l it to my PC, I can't instal it because it needs winzip to open (which I refuse to buy). I'm not convinced I really need it anyway, but thought I'd include this as a possible clue as to why my app doesn't work properly
  18. I am new to this forum. Thank you to the Admins for starting it and keeping it up to date. I am unable to find the issue I face answered anywhere, so I trust this is not a repeat. I'm a Wherigo newbie. Today, with some help from my friends, I installed the 'WhereYouGo' app to my Nexus 4 (Android 5.1). Then I connected it to my laptop as a 'drive' and initially could not find the 'WhereYouGo' folder; restarted my phone, and there it was. I found a couple of cartridges, downloaded them to my laptop, moved them to the 'WhereYouGo' folder. Then I went to GZ for the cache start and turned on the app, chose the correct cartridge, and used map to find 'zone 1'. So far so good. BUT I could get no further. No popup question, nothing. Lucky for me a caching friend was with me, and he had the same cartridge on his iPhone, and all of the functions worked. As we came close to each zone, a question popped up, we answered it, and were given directions to the next zone, and finally to the cache location. We signed and went our separate ways. So I know how it is supposed to work, but what is missing on my phone?
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