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Ammo box source in San Diego?

Kite and Hawkeye
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We're looking to place our first cache soonishly, and I'm starting to prefer ammo boxes to Tupperware. However, I don't think we're going to be astonishly prolific, so I don't want a bunch of ammo cans -- just one or two, y'know, to tide us over for now. I know they're available from various places by mail order, but postage adds considerably to the cost. I know there are a lot of San Diego area cachers -- where do you get your stuff? Is there a surplus store in/around San Diego? Any help would be appreciated.

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Ammo cans would seem to be ideal, except

for long-term storage .. They are steel,

and will eventually rust ..


The good-side is that they at least have

a rubber seal in the lid assembly ..


Does anyone place silica gel in their

ammo cans, in order to absorb moisture?? icon_confused.gif




In God we trust .. all others, we monitor.

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If you want to get ammo cans this weekend will be the best time. The DelMar fair ground has a gun show this weekend (Dec 14) Well is not really a gun show but they have a great parts, ammo, and craft show.


P.S. The next time I go to a gun show and someone is selling Beanie Babies I think I am going to loose it.

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