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  1. Looking for someone to Maintain an orphaned cache. I am looking for someone that lives in the area of Raystown lake, PA that would like to maintain a cache placed there. The cache was placed while I was on vacation, with another cacher. My cache was denyed because the cacher did not live close enough to the cache to maintain it. It is a multicache with an Underwater part located in Raystown Lake. Please E-mail me if you can help. Thanks TheWoodser
  2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I have pulled my hair out and still am know where close to this one. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=7699
  3. quote:Originally posted by Captain_Morgan&Family:Sorry, the same URL in english: http://www.veikka.com/english/english.html Are you going to do the cache maintainance on it Captain??? Teehee
  4. quote:Originally posted by Night Hunter:Yep, the picnic is still on. have you not seen this yet? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=48312 Night Hunter Thanks Night Hunter, I was sleeping at the wheel again.
  5. quote:Originally posted by The Adams Family Circus:I ASSUMED (i know the joke, yes) that Feb 2nd WAS a Saturday. The last thing I want to do is discourage attendance (our Hebrew and Seventh Day Adventist Cachers I'll have to offer apologies to - we can't have it mid-week, so SOMEONE will wind up offended). Feb 1st. Kit Carson Park in Escondido. Pot Luck. Animals on Leashes. Got it? Now....I gotta get the event cache put up. I'll try to do it this weekend (I know, I said that LAST weekend - but If I'd done it THEN, I'd be revising it having found out it was scheduled on a Sunday). So - Tell your friends, tell your enemies, but don't make the Circus stand in the Park alone. Earl, RingMaster The Adams Family Circus
  6. I would be willing to place a special TB Race Ending point cache and judge the race ending in North San Diego County. I live in Oceanside and would be happy to arrange an end point. E-mail me with more info.
  7. I live in Oceanside and would drive anywhere in the county. Jan 18 is good for me. I will bring TheFemale if she will come. I will also contact my partner in crime Rusty_75.
  8. quote: I like the idea of the signature CDs I've seen, but I'm thinking of actually burning one w/ usuable stuff on it... Any thoughts? -Mixster This is pretty much my signature item. The day after Thanksgiving I got 250 free CD's. So I burn "useable stuff" on them and leave them behind.
  9. Right now the logo is up to us. Lets hear some ideas.
  10. I do the "Leave the Laptop in the car" I carry the eTrex Ledgend to the cache site. Here is the fun part. I will be flying tomorrow, I am going to try to get a signal while at 30000 ft. I will post a screenshot if it works. By the way, I use Mapsource Topo/Metro Guide
  11. So far it is up to "US" to get him what we would like on the "Stock" side. Most likly the GX logo with the geocaching URL around the edge.
  12. I know, everyone Grandfather told them not to take any, but how many would be interested in buying some to leave in a cache. They are relitavly cheap. I spoke with Herb at The Old Time Wooden Nickel Company. Herb is willing to create a "stock" logo for us Geocachers. So that means you could customize one side with your username/Club name and have the stock geocacher logo put on the other side free. They would cost $39.95 for 100, $52.45 for 250 and $69.95 for 500 plus shipping. Anyone that is interested can contact Herb at his website www.wooden-nickel.com the geocaching logo dosen't currently show up under the stock logos just e-mail him for ordering info.
  13. Are you looking for the HTML code? REMOVETHISOffroute.comREMOVETHIS oh yea, remove the "REMOVETHIS"
  14. If you want to get ammo cans this weekend will be the best time. The DelMar fair ground has a gun show this weekend (Dec 14) Well is not really a gun show but they have a great parts, ammo, and craft show. P.S. The next time I go to a gun show and someone is selling Beanie Babies I think I am going to loose it.
  15. quote:Originally posted by ron50eli:Woodser, I just got 4 more TB's. I'm in the process of putting them together. Hopefully they will be in Infosponge's Tampa Airport Portal this week-end or next. Have a safe trip. And H&SC. rocker51 Cool, I have looked at the travel bugs in there now and I planned to stop, pick them up and replace them back in the cache. Going to SD would not help any of them on their way. I will start your bugs off right if they need to head my way though.
  16. The closer the better. I will fly to FLorida for the holidays and I have a layover in Dallas/Ft Worth. The problems is the Bug Airport is about 1.5 miles from the airport. I would not have the time to get a cab, hit the cache and make it back through security in time to get back on the plane. Anyone work in an airport that could host the airport?
  17. I don't think there is an OFFICIAL TB Airport in Orlando. There are a few caches along the way that have a TB in them tho. The zip code for the airport is 32827
  18. I will be in Florida from Dec 14 to Dec 27. Let me know.
  19. Oddly enough I have seen one of these buildings before. Not as a home but it is here. 2309 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33607 Atop 2001 Odyssey, a Nude Club in Tampa. It uses the space craft as the VIP lounge. LOL
  20. So when are we getting together for a picnic?
  21. I will be staying in Orlando for a few days. It's not alot closer but it's about a third of the way. If you could get it to me while I'm in Orlando I can take it back to SD for you. Or if you wanna pick a cache site about half way I will meet you there and you can log the drop and I will log the pick-up. Let me know.
  22. I can move it from FL to San Diego if that will help. I will be in FL for two weeks at Christmas. Let me know if you want it moved.
  23. I Live in San Diego and will be visiting the Tampa and Orlando areas for the Holidays. Let me know if there are any bugs that would like to make the trip back home with me.
  24. I live in San Diego and will be heading to Florida for Christmas. Any one need to move a bug to a new area? Let me know where it is and I will pick it up.
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