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  1. Unfortunately, we have both ends of the spectrum illustrated by the two Wizard killers. Flagman - thank you for your support. Apologies and thanks by the wayside, apparently; the only reason I can see for TT's litany of errors is sympathy from other cachers and discouragement of the same. Tell ya what - I'll suspend the cache, and when I'm more relaxed and blood pressure is lower, I'll set it up as a non-puzzle cache. Of course, my coords will probably be .001 off per TT. And to those who follow - no need for the 'take it to PM' entries. I don't expect to be following along on the boards for some time to come. -Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  2. Re: The Off to Find a Wizard cache: Flagman and Tucson Thompsen have been working the cache puzzles and clues since it's release, and worked undaunted in the face of numerous typos and errors. They have helped the cache tremendously, and made the path easier for all those who follow hereafter. Today they completed all the puzzles, visited all the locations, only to find the two problems in the final equation DID NOT lead to the cache itself. I want to publicly thank them for their contributions to making Off to Find a Wizard better for everyone - accidental as the need might be. My apologies for the need as well. In my book, they have a Virtual FTF for the new hide. - Earl, Ringmaster (seriously rethinking more puzzle caches in the future) The Adams Family Circus
  3. Attended a few picnics, but not a Pizza bash. Hope Round Table is ready....8-) ....and it seems everyone is under control, so turn off the fire alarms and go back about your business. Shoo. We're all fine here. Nothing to see, move along. - Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  4. Just for Norbu - we're a Circus, kidding and joshing come with the territory. If ya can't take the heat - a seltzer bottle down the pants works wonders! Anyway - I like puzzles. I like games. I like a decent challenge. I've discovered I enjoy BUILDING the dang things a heck of a lot more then I like beating my head against a wall trying to work out some semi-solvable puzzle. Case in point: TT's Blueprint cache. don't get me wrong - it's a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it, but it's not really a Family-oriented cache, which is our personal enjoyment for geocaching. *I'd* have to research the (*&(&&@#&$*$ thing, get the coords, THEN the family could get involved. It doesn't make the concept bad, just much less interesting for US. By the number of cachers fired up about it, I'd say TT's filling a niche for a number of people. Some of the drop caches (here's a bush, I'll drop a cache here) fill a niche as well - but I'd tackle TT's entire line up before trying to get these inexplicable 'junk' caches. (Note - it's MY pet peeve, and I'm not referring to any one particular cache - don't anyone get upset). AND for the record - I've never turned down a request for 'nudge' on the Wizard; I won't GIVE you the answer though. now get back to working the clues. -Earl, Ringmaster The Adams Family Circus
  5. All you anti-puzzle peeps need not read any further. 8-) . . . . . . . . They're gone? OK! - SoCal Admin re-enabled the Wizard cache, and after discovering you can't upload Word Docs, and numerous edits to make the data semi-legible on the page itself - The Off to Find a Wizard cache is open for business! Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  6. All you anti-puzzle peeps need not read any further. 8-) . . . . . . . . They're gone? OK! - SoCal Admin re-enabled the Wizard cache, and after discovering you can't upload Word Docs, and numerous edits to make the data semi-legible on the page itself - The Off to Find a Wizard cache is open for business! Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen: The procastination ended. The Off to Find a Wizard cache is in the field. As the cache was archived, we're awaiting re-activation by the Admins. Then I'll clean up the page a bit, upload the clues - and you're off to Oz. Or the corner bar - it's warm out there. -Earl, Ringmaster The Adams Family Circus
  8. Lessee - We're the Adams Family Circus; the handle comes from the first few times we got ready to go out, and it really seemed to be a Circus atmosphere trying to get everyone ready for anything and all the accoutrement loaded and us out the door. For weekends caching, we're normally 5 - Earl & Nimmie (Ringmaster and LionTamer), Kyle and MacKenzie (ages 7 and 2, currently) and my Mom-in-Law Mary. Last Winter, MacKenzie reach a size where carrying wasn't an option (she kept standing up in the backpack and getting her head whacked on something) and she hates the big ol' jogging stroller I bought as an off-road stroller option, so our Caching has been curtailed somewhat. As long as you keep a close eye on her, we can do short hikes - too long, and we're carrying her (which isn't good for Nimmie (5'2") or me (bad back). We live in Escondido; I'm in Tech Support/Help Desk/Customer Service/Technological disaster control, and Nimmie works in HR. The start we got for GeoCaching had parents: specifically, a Mom and a Dad. For Mother's Day 2002, as is my wont, I told Nimmie we'd do anything she liked. She wanted to go for a little hike. Hiking in general holds little interest for me, and as we nearly collapsed on the 'little hike' I set up, my interest dropped further. We went for an easy mile or so hike in the Elfin Forest area....Mid-May, 95-100 degrees on the trail. The hike started fine, with my 7 month old daughter on my back. Then - the trail went up the hill. First .25 miles - 10 minutes. Next .25 - 40 minutes. I think we stopped to breath every 10 feet - even my son was miserable. We eventually made it back to the car (unassisted my paramedics - still a miracle in my opinion), and belatedly realized we needed to get out a bit more. 8-) Jump ahead to Father's day (or thereabouts). I get a email from a Weird News author which mentioned his 'Get Out of Hell free' cards were appearing in GeoCaches, and he included a brief Summary and a weblink to the site. I had no idea what GeoCaching was, and so visited the site. And here I found an excellent family solution - we'd hike, making Nimmie happy; I'd have a goal to look for (making hiking worthwhile for more than the aerobic benefits); and my son (and daughter) would gain a better appreciation for nature. While the Circus doesn't have the raw numbers of many local cachers (especially for being in the activity for 2+ years now), as a family we'd had opportunities to sweat and bleed a bit together, learn a bit, and enjoy each others company a bit more - as well as become part (if only on the fringe) of a great group of people with whom we share a love for caching and fun. We've cached on Vacation several times - my parents live in Las Vegas, so we've done a fair amount of the High Desert caches between here and there. Caching usually makes a component of our travels anywhere now. We're camping in Big Bear over Labor day, and we're spending the evening tonight evaluating the caches in the area of the campground... <Hey! You there! Wake up! It's over....> -Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  9. ARgh - if I'd seen this....I might have been able to carve out the time to get this thing back in action. Every weekend it's the same lately - 'I'm gonna get the Wizard out' - and then something comes up. <shrug> I suspect the Wizard won't stop ya for any length of time, TT. -Earl
  10. Rocket Man,Jul 25 2004, 08:15 PM] [Hey Earl, I would happy to put mine in the Wizard cache when I get it. Dave The more the merrier! Although I'd have to make you locate the cache, of course. -Earl
  11. Signed up for a jeep, but no notification yet. I'll drop it in the Wizard, I think.... -Earl, Ringmaster The Adams Family Circus
  12. Having reread the request, I admit to being a bit....vociferous. I believe I went overboard, with the negative experience last year influencing my response. My apologies. I've gone ahead and archived the cache in question. -Earl, Ringmaster The Adams Family Circus
  13. First off - LOVE the actual badge! That's great! Second - the badge is more of an attitudinal issue (Radical Geezer was correct - the badge reference was tongue-in-cheek). I seem to have run-ins lately with individual cachers who believe it's their responsibility to 'police' caches and caching, and quite frankly, it raises my blood pressure unnecessarily. The issue in question is a cache I had which was trashed. I didn't archive it at the time, as we were considering replacing it. Unfortunately, that was <ahem> over a year ago - quite obviously, we forgot about it. Last September was my last blowup with cacher from the High Desert who seemed to believe that bullying other cachers was the correct tactic to address minor issues - and we'd avoiding caching for a number of months. If the cacher had said 'Hey Circus! I'd like to place a cache near where your old trashed one was, but I can't because you haven't archived it. Could you do that please?" It'd be archived by now. Instead, it's 'hey, you've had a year, that's long enough, archive or replace it'. Oversensitive? Maybe. *My* mistake in not archiving or replacing by now? Absolutely. Likelihood of my doing anything at this point? Priceless....oops, I mean, slim. Third - work progresses on the 'Off to Find a Wizard' cache. The clues have been checked and adjusted, and I'm just looking for a hidey-hole for the cache itself.... 8-) Earl, Ringmaster (BP 150 over 102 and slowly dropping) The Adams Family Circus
  14. Errata 1) I understand Parsa's concern powercaching. *I* prefer thought and effort going into my cache constructtion, and that's hard to do if you're simply trying to place them as close together as possible. HOWEVER - Not everyone plays by the same rules, so to speak. I personally think many of these 'drop-and-run' styles caches will disappear fairly quickly - and I'm willing to wait and see if I'm right. If they're your thing - have a ball. 2) On the other hand, my caches disappear fairly quickly, even with thought and planning. WARNING: /Soapbox ON /Asbestos underwear ON 3) Is there some new merchandise within the Geocaching community...they're little shiny GeoCaching Sheriff badges that apparently allow the wearer to believe they can tell other GeoCachers what to do and when? The first time this occurred, the incident got quite heated and, long story short, I avoided the entire community for a number of months until I cooled down and shook it off. As a similar event just occurred with a whole new person, I'm thinking I missed out on an announcement of some sort. Where can I get one of these badges? Or is it a mantle I just 'assume' after a certain number of finds, perhaps? (And no - this isn't about Parsa, with whom I've had generally cordial relations from the start). In a general aside - being polite will carry you a long way when making a request of someone you've never met or even addressed before. Being rude will NOT get your request recognized. /Soapbox off - Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  15. The Circus sends it's condolences on Yrium's passing. His logs were some of the first we read when getting into the sport over 2 years ago now, and I'm happy to say we'd met him at the various picnics and enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the man who cleaned up after Gromit. - Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  16. Thank you all. The Liontamer and and I are relishing the post-bedtime quiet in the Big Top, and have tremendously enjoyed the enthusiasm. Consider the Wizard....ummm....pending. -Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  17. Caught up on 6 months of messages, and they've fanned caching flames again. Parsa, as you have RPG experience, are you purposefully mimic'ing MYST? A general question: As there's so much interest in puzzle caches, and I've an itch again not to let Off to Find a Wizard die a sooty death..... ....would it be worthwhile to resurrect the cache even without the suitcase-sized ammo box? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...71-240888b7ba7e -Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  18. Thank heaven NO, I"m NOT #28! Shoulda thought of that - most of you haven't seen me... -Earl
  19. Long time no talk to - hope all of you are having fun. The Circus has spent the winter resting, and is getting back into form..... ...but I keep getting sidetracked with other things..... http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2004/05/19..._0411_22_17.txt ..for one. Come out and enjoy the show - and if you do, please say Hi! afterwards! Always nice to put a name and face together! - Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  20. The Paradise fire has most likely eaten the New Wizard cache, and not being satisified with that, is apparently heading across Daley ranch and towards our condo in North Eastern Escondido. I had no idea we tasted so good! The rest of the Circus is sleeping with friends in Oceanside, and I'm holding down the fort - and watching the glow to the east VERY carefully. The caches lost (which in the greater scheme of things are terribly minor) cannot be replaced - as much of their camoflage is gone as well. They could be replaced in the Spring, perhaps.... Earl, Ringmaster, (and up past his bedtime) The Adams Family Circus
  21. Hiya PQ! I suspect most of the frequent posters are busy trying to keep cool out in Borrego, so I'll jump in. The Circus also in North County inland, with two small kids (almost 7, almost 2), and it's tough. The youngest (MacKenzie) is just too darn big for a backpack carrier, and too few caches justify breaking out our big tri-wheel stroller. If your's are both under 5, that's a hand-full when caching (not that other people aren't doing it!). In general, I'd recommend sticking to Terrain's of 1.5 or less. Parsa's caches are usually a good bet. But I'd consider Terrain as the main factor. Hope that helps a little - and welcome to our group insanity! Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  22. Just an FYI: The Off to Find a Wizard cache, the memorial from the Geocaching picnic in February, is back in circulation. Go get it! 8-) Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  23. The 'Big, honking Ammo Box' (Rocketman, you DO have a way with words!) is back in the open. I wanna see some finds now, dang it! 8-) Thanks for all your kind words! Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  24. Such kind words, Kite. The 'Off to Find a Wizard' cache is back in circulation, having been trashed in June. Earl, Ringmaster, The Adams Family Circus
  25. HEY! Splashette/Splashman/Rocketman! QUIT PLANNING THE NEXT TRIP - GET THE PICNIC CACHE ONLINE! <some people, I tell ya, can't focus on nothing, short attention spans, people logging in three times a day to check on the picnic cache...why isn't it up? they think...oh look, everyone's busy planning a 4WD trip out to the badlands, too busy to finish what they started...the nerve...> Earl, Ringmaster The Adams Family Circus/Naggers
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