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Broken USB. Access to internal memory?

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Over the years the USB connection on my Garmin Oregon 600 became more and more flaky and currently I don't have any data connection anymore. I tried with various cables and PCs and certainly tried to clean the connector. I even opened the device but to de- and resolder the surface mounted socket is a bit over my abilities.


I know it's a long shot but does anybody eventualy has an idea for a workaround or hack to access the internal memory to get the recorded tracks and waypoints out of the device?


I really need to archive my tracks but hate to replace the otherwise fine working unit. Using the SD card I can update maps and gpx files albeit I'm not sure how long the continuing removing and insertig of the SD card will work flawless.

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I'm afraid the tracks,routes, waypoints,... are only accessible via USB.

When you connect the unit to your PC, do you get something on the screen of the Oregon? (connection/power icon).

Also have a look at https://www.gpsrchive.com/Oregon 6xx/index.htm and try to change the format of the serial interface...


You could remove the batteries and try contact spray on the USB port and connectors ... Once "dry" again insert battery and test. 

No idea if it is safe, but if you can't do much with the unit otherwise it's worth a try ...



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It's only tracks you need to recover? And (hopefully) only a few of them? 

If you have a second GPS or a friend with a GPS, you can send the tracks to another device wirelessly and then get your tracks from that device to back up in basecamp. Then you can play around with the USB port and attempt to fix it. It's quite annoying that Garmin didn't retroactively go back and make the Bluetooth on these devices compatible with smartphones and computers either for direct file access or to be compatible with the Garmin Explore app.

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22 hours ago, Mineral2 said:

If you have a second GPS or a friend with a GPS, you can send the tracks to another device wirelessly

Wow! Thanx. That feature completely slipped my mind. I never tried it in the past and since (as you already mentioned) there is no Garmin app compatible with the Oregon 600 line to transfer to a smartphone I again forgot about it.

But it seems my device only allows to transfer the current track and not the archived tracks which would make this solution useless for me.

Is this restriction what to expect?



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