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streetmap link broken


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Is it just me, or is the link to streetmap.co.uk broken?  When I open a cache listing, then click on the link for online maps to Streetmap.co.uk, I get the message "404 Error for /newmap.srf "


I can open streetmap in a separate tab and enter coordinates and all is well, so it looks like some problem with the link from geocaching.com


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Streetmap link  does not work 

This occurs on more than one device and more than one browser (ie Firefox & Chrome)


404 Error for /newmap.srf


If newmap.srf?x  is replaced with map.?x it works


Anyone else got this issue and any tips how to resolve the problem.


(I have cleared the cookies)






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Having dug into this a little, the recommended formats for Streetmap are listed here:


I've tried out UK Grid format and that works.  The "newmap.srf" or "map.srf" format doesn't seem to be listed there, though as gilliwig says, the latter does work. 


So my guess is that Streetmap have changed something which has broken the geocaching.com link format.  Looking online for random searches, many websites seem to use the "newmap.srf" format, and of course they are all broken.


Interestingly, Streetmap's own "Contact Us" link is also broken.  Apart from writing to their Milton Keynes address, I'm stumped for the moment (no, not a clue to one of my hides :D).  The performance also seems very slow recently, so something must be going on there.  Hope it survives,  The OS maps provided by the Streetmap link are much better than the Google ones.

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Yes, just to be clear, if you look at the URL above when you get the "404 Error for /newmap.srf” message, it appears something like


Just remove the "new" so it looks like



Is anyone fixing this error?  Should be a trivial change.  We get new updates we don't always want with great frequency :P

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