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  1. Thank you for all the reply's so far It has opened a can of worms and brought up things I hadn't thought of before too If you don't ask you'll never know hence I asked seemed like a good idea to me but yes there is more to it I hope some one from Ground Speak will read this , and it might just set a seed
  2. Time to get it out there and start talking about the subject , of adopting ( old ) historic , pioneering caches Time for change , things move on , the constitution was written a long time ago , thing are seen differently , Talk about it , we pay to play , so lets have a say in how we play
  3. well put every days a school day question if they don't as you say own the listing how can they archive it ? if all bases are covered , CO not responding / not playing any more a new player who's prepared to take on the ( GC code and date ) using a new request form following , posts by reviewer
  4. this is an option BUT for these trying to fill their , The Jasmer Challenge , the date will be gone for ever the newly placed cache ( same location ) will have a new GC code and date . something to think about for the planners at GS , or re-think so secondary adoption can take place to keep the old dates and GC codes going
  5. A situation has arisen here in the south west of the UK . Where an old cache has been archived . The reviewer has , posted the warning message , but the C.O failed to reply in the given time frame . so the reviewer , activated the next step Cache has now been archived . BUT ? the cache is still there it has an offer by a local cacher to continue to maintain it and its has been found recently What I'd like to see is this cache ( Officially Un-Archived , and Official adopted ) by the local cacher Make it possible for the reviewer to post the warning message , 30 days to fix / Maintain the cache , if no reply from the C.O , the cache will be offered up for ADOPTION , C.O , falls to responded anyone ( local to GZ ) who thinks that the cache is worth saving can then request to adopt it , in a given time span ( say another 30 days ) and this could be a second message from the reviewer , cache is now up for adoption apply now to the local cacher post a note on the said cache page , expressing your interest in adopting the cache confirming that you have completed and submitted the required adoption form
  6. PLEASE please , please can someone at Ground Speak see sence and do the right thing and admit that the latest round of up-dates and no good , and the users ( us ) don't like them and would mush perefer eveything to be put back to as it was , ( as above ) ps- TRACKABLE ..... I lik eto see where to find TRACKABLES , the new search doesn't show TB , the old did , I know this screen shot hasn't any but the ( Info ) colume is there
  7. spot on , this worked for Me ....... tnx
  8. TRACKABLE's the new viewing list doesn't list TB's come on ..... put it back to as it was before ( please )
  9. oh NO , another issue just spotted I had a delay in writing a log ? but now I can't emend the date , ( back date my log ) PLEASE , can the latest round of updates be reversed Not wanted Not needed Not necessary
  10. Sorry , But I'm not happy with the latest up-dates esp when searching for ( NEW ) unfound cache's I used to be able to see very quickly ( NEW ) cache's as they were marked as NEW , and if older I could still see by clicking Last found twice , PLEASE reverse the up-date and return it to the old way of searching .
  11. thanks guys the seed was set , and the race starts on 18/02/2020 now all we need to do its sit back and see what happens https://villagehallseries.wixsite.com/geocaching/geocoin-race
  12. is there anyone out there who can advise ? who's got TB's in a race What web page / site are you using to calculate who's winning
  13. Thinking of a TB race .... we've used a site called TB rescue previously and I know this site is no more . can anyone offer up an alternative web sites which can be used to track a TB race
  14. there are so many reasons why it could be to check on TB listings it could be to read logs by others after a DNF trying to get , hints pointers from their logs , or look at photo's just because you have logged a find doesn't mean you not allowed to revisit the cache page
  15. Daily ? esp on the newly published cache's to me it was part of my game which has now been removed
  16. no ones mentioned , not being able to maintain cache's ....... where did you get that from the thread is all about the loss of the audit log and being a cache owner who used to like to use the function please try to under stand other players point of view , were not all the same
  17. Please tell me more , I'd love to continue to see ? the activity on my cache pages
  18. seems to me the point has been missed . Ground speak have re-moved a function which we , some , a lot of us liked and used for what ever reason . if folk a worried that a PMO C.O can see where you ( might ) be looking at caching in the future , whats the problem with that you may go and look for their cache's you may not , if you do they'll know you've been there cuss you'll log that you've been I think its a C.O thing , I like to see if there will be interest in my cache's , esp when I place a new one to me it ( was ) all part of the game of being a C.O , I look at the other end too , should I archive a cache by looking at the audit log I could see if there was still interest in my cache's , if no one has looked at the page for months on ends I could consider archiving it , to make space for a new one .........
  19. I'm with you , and I used to use the function , in the same way as you did , and I'm missing it , nothing seems the same any more , when I open one of my cache pages what can I do I used to enjoy looking at each audit log on each cache ,,,,, as for reading logs I read them as notifications as they come in , likewise the DNF's when cachers can be ( Honest ) and log them , another thing you could see from the audit log , repeat visits , and you knew the cacher had been close finding and logging other close by caches , but not yours
  20. I used to love looking to see who had been looking who had looked first , and who'd looked more than once , then I liked to try and guess who would be the FTF
  21. can anyone tell us why the function has been removed ?
  22. I have just spotted it's gone .... I for one who did use the function ,,, a lot each visit I made to each cache page I would look at the Audit log , it's just one of the thing I did and I'd still like to ....... so please reinstate it why why why are we pampering to the ( phone app society ) every thing seems to being geared up for phone apps
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