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Offering: Photos for Waymarking

Bon Echo

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I've pretty much lost all interest in creating new waymarks, just don't have the time to put towards it anymore. 

Problem is, I just can't seem to stop taking a dozen photos of anything I find interesting while out and about (although slowly getting better at this).


So if there's a category in my region (Ontario, Canada) that you want to add to your grid, let me know and I will try to get you photos and coordinates.


I thought I would do this with the  Uncategorized Waymark system but a bit of trial earlier revealed that I no longer know how it works. Far quicker for me to just send you the photos by email. Message me with your email address and what categories you are interested in.


Some are harder to find so it could be a while, as many of the local targets are already waymarked but the supply is not completely exhausted (examples:  Ontario Heritage Plaques, Canadian National Historic Sites). Ontario Heritage Properties are no problem, many available in that category. I might have a few Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties and War of 1812 available.


And if you just want to add waymarks in any category let me know, I have a collection of photos from several provinces and states across Canada and the US that I can share as time permits


Only thing that I ask is that you do what I am no longer willing to do - a bit of research and some effort towards the long description.


Happy Waymarking

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Sorry to see you go, Jason. I hope that you at least continue to hang around and kibbitz a little, maybe even approve a few WMs.

I'd take you up on your offer in a few of the provinces we've toured, but at present I, too. am short of ambition vis a vis creating Waymarks.


Joke: How can one pick the technician out of a crowd at a research site? - - - - - He's the one with the shovel. :D


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Thanks Keith, not going too far. I'll still  post new  waymark occasionally, and still managing the few categories I'm an officer in. The Waymarking bug is hard to shake off, and I'll probably always have an interest in a few of the categories as well as slowly adding new categories to my grid.

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On 1/22/2021 at 6:37 AM, Max and 99 said:

I need 200 more graves of centenarians. Do you have any you want to send my way? 



 Sorry Max and 99 I don't have any but will send any that I find your way.

If you have time and want to search on Find-A-Grave or the Canada Cemetery Project website, cemeteries in Hamilton (Hamilton-wentworth) or Niagara region (Canada), I will be happy to stop by those cemeteries to take the photos (so much easier when I know what to look for). Otherwise it will be a matter of chance while strolling through cemeteries.



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