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  1. I just saw this and want to apologize, sorry about that.
  2. Sorry Max and 99 I don't have any but will send any that I find your way. If you have time and want to search on Find-A-Grave or the Canada Cemetery Project website, cemeteries in Hamilton (Hamilton-wentworth) or Niagara region (Canada), I will be happy to stop by those cemeteries to take the photos (so much easier when I know what to look for). Otherwise it will be a matter of chance while strolling through cemeteries. Example https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/search?firstname=&middlename=&lastname=&birthyear=1900&birthyearfilter=3&deathyear=2000&deathyearfilter=3&location=Hamilton%2C+Hamilton+Municipality%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada&locationId=city_251707&memorialid=&mcid=&linkedToName=&datefilter=&orderby=r&page=1#sr-158702257
  3. Thanks Keith, not going too far. I'll still post new waymark occasionally, and still managing the few categories I'm an officer in. The Waymarking bug is hard to shake off, and I'll probably always have an interest in a few of the categories as well as slowly adding new categories to my grid.
  4. I've pretty much lost all interest in creating new waymarks, just don't have the time to put towards it anymore. Problem is, I just can't seem to stop taking a dozen photos of anything I find interesting while out and about (although slowly getting better at this). So if there's a category in my region (Ontario, Canada) that you want to add to your grid, let me know and I will try to get you photos and coordinates. I thought I would do this with the Uncategorized Waymark system but a bit of trial earlier revealed that I no longer know how it works. Far quicker for me to just send you the photos by email. Message me with your email address and what categories you are interested in. Some are harder to find so it could be a while, as many of the local targets are already waymarked but the supply is not completely exhausted (examples: Ontario Heritage Plaques, Canadian National Historic Sites). Ontario Heritage Properties are no problem, many available in that category. I might have a few Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties and War of 1812 available. And if you just want to add waymarks in any category let me know, I have a collection of photos from several provinces and states across Canada and the US that I can share as time permits Only thing that I ask is that you do what I am no longer willing to do - a bit of research and some effort towards the long description. Happy Waymarking
  5. My concerns with this game have nothing to do with running out of things to waymark or visit. It's more about running out of the web service itself. At the end of the day, all I have for my efforts is a whole lot of data stored on GS servers. If they ever pull that plug, hundreds of hours of work are lost. It takes me minutes to visit a waymark (as in posting a visit, but the act of physically visiting the location and taking photos is nearly irrelevant because 90%+ of the time I go there because I want to, not because of Waymarking). But creating each waymark probably takes me on average of 30 minutes. I'm up to 700+ waymarks so you can do the math. And I'm a "small time" waymarker with numbers like that.
  6. The Great Trail (formerly Trans Canada Trail afaik) claims to be 24,000 kms. I'm sure there are a few waymark entries for it. I have photos to make one, but it's in the low queue of waymarks "to post someday when time permits"
  7. Go to Flopp's Map (www.flopp-caching.de), search for the location you want. Then on the bottom left there is a drop down menu titled "External Services". Select "Waymarking" Easier that typing in coordinates
  8. So April has come and gone and May is nearly out the door. Anyone notice and hear anything about changes? Yours truly, Curious George.
  9. I rarely plan ahead. usually the extent of planning consists of checking the list of WMs in an area I am visiting to see what's been covered, but that might happen 2-4 times per year. And I don't have data so once I'm out it's a guess. most WM photos are taken while traveling for other purposes, only a few times do I actually go out to some location just for Waymarking (although I may stop "along the way" just for WM photos but I can only do that so many times before I get into trouble with the rest of the family). I try to limit my cross-posting. Generally if a waymark can go into two very similar (to my opinion) categories - like churchyard cemetery and cemeteries of the world, or Anglican church and This Old Church, I usually choose the more exclusive of the two (i.e. churchyard cemetery and not cemeteries of the world, This Old Church and not Anglican church). It's not a strict rule, sometimes I will do both to gain a category or to increase numbers posted to a certain state etc. I don't care about my numbers Posted and Visited, so that's part of why I don't do a lot of cross-posting. Once I have shared something that I felt was interesting, I just don't see value in repeating it 2, 3, 5 more times. Now if it brings out some interesting new feature, then I might be interested. I almost never visit my own waymarks (maybe a few times, can't remember 100%, but it would be less than 10 visits in total) I almost never post a waymark unless I have been to the spot / location myself and took the photos myself. 2 or 3 cases outside this rule (one was an uncategorized waymark, the others were not my photos but I had been to the location and had permission to use the photos). I posted one waymark to wikipedia entries and probably will never post another one, to me it's just way too vague and very few things can be posted there that cannot be posted to another category. Most times if I visit a location and take pictures to waymark, and find it's already posted, then I post a visit. And above all, I am inconsistent. Not on purpose, but this is a hobby and I enjoy it the best when I play it the way I want. And the way I want changes over time. By far the biggest challenge to me with Waymarking is the pathetic number of page visits - I can spend an hour or more on a single waymark and then 5 years later see that the page was visited maybe 2 or 3 times. Never mind physical visits to waymarks I post, that's an even smaller number.
  10. What, nobody interested? Maybe I should have reported that the comments were made by current Groundspeak president Bryan Roth and that they hint at upcoming changes on Waymarking.com
  11. Oh, and just because it's easy to check: there where 67081 waymarks added in 2018. Does anyone track the number of submissions per year? I'd be interested to see those stats if they are available.
  12. Currently listing to the Geocaching Podcast (first time actually), and there's a bit that Waymarkers might be interested in listening to. You can listen to the entire podcast if you want an interesting inside look at the early days of geocaching.com, or you can skip to 45:00 to hear a few comments on the Waymarking side. http://geocachingpodcast.com/gcpc-episode-550-the-evolution-of-geocaching-with-bryan-roth-2000-2007/
  13. I wonder if the owner want you to visit the posted coordinates - the location - and not just the blog itself?
  14. Do you think this would fly in the Unusual Signs category? The "sign" is posted on a toilet seat in the washroom of a dive shop. It's a single-person washroom, so there are no "accessibility or privacy" issues other than if the store is closed, or maybe having to wait for the washroom to be available. Actually, it was less awkward taking this photo than it is for many other WM photos (in busy public places) One issue maybe is that I don't have the "general area" photo but really I can't get much more in the view standing in a 5'x5' tiny washroom
  15. funny to see this come up as I just submitted a WM of a plaque on a lych-gate. I've seen 2 or 3 around in my travels this year in Canada. EDIT: the fact that it was on a lych-gate was irrelevant to the WM I posted.
  16. Sorry to bother you again but I have the following submissions waiting 2-4 weeks for review: Little Bay de Noc campground - Rapid River, MI in Campgrounds Submitted November 19 CEYLON GAP SWIM - Ceylon, Saskatchewan in Public Swimming Pools Submitted November 21 Faith Life Church - Branson, MO in Megachurches Submitted November 21 Always Rd Bridge - 1933 - Grassie, ON in Bridge Date Stones and Plaques Submitted December 1 Thank-you again for your time and Merry Christmas and happy holidays
  17. I say don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Lets face it, there are very few waymark visits as it is. The waymark owner can decide if any visit it legitimate and can delete one if they feel it is not. So what if someone logs a visit that they didn't actually do - who's keeping score anyway? We're talking about a rare case anyway. Beside, I can tell you that as a category manager you can make the changes, but if the waymark owners don't police their WMs, are you going to? Sounds like a lot of work to me. Not trying to discourage you from trying to make rules clear and consistent, just provide my thoughts. Looking forward to "earning" a submission to this category next time I visit the Canadian Rockies.
  18. I wanted try for a couple ISS viewings in November, but it seemed to be cloudy - for the entire month! At least it felt that way. But now that a Canadian is back on-board the station, I have a renewed interest in viewing it as it passes over BTW on a letterboxing website that I frequent I saw this in the "This Day in History" feed: okay, funny story - after writing the above, I thought I would check the predictions to see what passes are in the future. What I discovered was that the ISS was passing over at the very moment I checked. Of course I ran out the door to have a look at the sky is perfectly clear, but with a max altitude of 17 degrees there's no way I was going to see it surrounded by trees and houses.
  19. Still broken, but I'm only "discovering" this now. Looking for a waymark I visited, it's now archived so searching through My Visits is the only way to locate it (since I don't know enough to try a google search for it)...but since the My Visits is broken, so is my hopes for finding the waymark I can view the first 10 pages of visits, and the last 2 (page 41 and 42), but nothing in between those.
  20. I think you can submit to the silhouettes to the Silhouette Public Art Sculptures category, as long is it's in a public location. But you probably know that already.
  21. I thought about that but if that was the case the numbers would be vastly different - if I had to guess, I'd say as many as 20% of my visits are to nearly duplicated waymarks (listed by the same player), maybe even more. I logged 11 visits alone on the CN tower and probably as many at Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, more. I guess I must really have posted 11 "additional visits". I did find one waymark that I visited twice. 11 seems high, but over 5 years, that only a couple per year. You think I'd remember, that's all.
  22. Nope, just posted a Visit and then a Comment on one of PISA-caching's WMs and counts only went up by one. Log and Comment subsequently deleted. Next I posted two visit logs to the same waymark and new I get "You've visited 1006 waymarks (994 distinct) since your first visit on 3/8/2013." So yes it looks like I have some double-visits that I don't seem to remember. Oh well
  23. Somewhat related: while looking at my Visit Milestones I see that I have one listed for 1000th visit; strange because on my profile it shows Visits: 993 And if I go to "Waymarks I've Visited" it returns 991 - suggesting that two that I visited have since been archived. Milestones, don't get ahead of me! When I look at my Statistics it states: "You've visited 1004 waymarks (993 distinct) since your first visit on 3/8/2013." What does that mean "993 distinct"? Does this mean I visited some waymarks multiple times? I don't recall ever visiting any waymark more than once. But I have posted a few notes to waymarks I also visited. Maybe they are both counted? This calls for another little experiment :0)
  24. I think the problem there is that the category does not have it's own icon - the one shown is the icon for the Measurement Standards department. I think.
  25. I have a couple here waiting a month or more for approval: Johnny's Restaurant - Fort MacLeod, Alberta in Googie Architecture - Submitted Sept 13 2018 http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMZ5F4_Johnnys_Restaurant_Fort_MacLeod_Alberta Pymatuning State Park Campground - Andover, Ohio in Campgrounds - Submitted Oct 10 2018 http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMZAMP_Pymatuning_State_Park_Campground_Andover_Ohio Thanks
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