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Magellan explorist gc

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Just now, wanderingwainwrights said:

When downloading a geocache it tells me to download to gpx but how do you transfer it to my gps hope someone can help.thanks 


Are you connecting by USB to your PC, and does your GPS show up as a drive?  If so, you see folders on it called something like "geocaches" and "waypoints".  An individual cache page GPX file goes into the "gecoaches" folder.


If you unzip a Pocket Query, you may get two files, one for Geocaches and the other for associated waypoints.  They need to be placed into their proper folders.

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Download the Magellan software from their website. When that is installed then find the gpx file on your PC that was downloaded from the Geocaching site. When you are connected to the gps via USB use the Magellan software to install the GPX file to the gps device. Read the help files or download the GC Explorist user manual that is found at: https://service.magellangps.com/M0100/MagMainFrame.aspx

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You only need to unzip any geocaches you download as archives, then copy the *.GPX files to the 'Geocaches' folder in the root directory of the eXplorist GC while it is connected to your computer. If the 'Geocaches' folder is not present, create one.


No additional software is necessary, nor is it recommended (K.I.S.S.).

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Installing Pocket Queries from Geocaching.com

1. After getting the pocket query results, save the attached zip file to your computer.
2. Unzip the pocket query file. There will be two extracted files, one with a xxxxxxx.gpx filename and
one with a xxxxxxx-wpts.gpx filename.
3. Connect your Magellan eXplorist GC receiver to your PC using a USB cable.
4. When prompted, select "Connect to PC".
5. On your PC, open the directory where the files are stored.
6. Drag the file xxxxxxx.gpx to the 'Geocaches' folder and the file xxxxxxx-wpt.gpx to the 'Waypoints'
7. The data will be transferred to your receiver and the geocaches are ready to use. (You need to
disconnect or reboot the receiver to exit the "Connect to PC" screen
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