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  1. don't think that is the one. it had to do with the way the map screen opened. dave
  2. mention was made in the newsletter from Groundspeak a couple of weeks ago about how to change the map presented when opening the web page, but is got lost and i am looking for that info again. can any one help please?
  3. once i have finished the adventure lab cache. is it possible to change Sequential vs. non-sequential switch. if so how?
  4. as the title says is there an geocaching app for a table with windows 10 installed?
  5. no but it pointed in the right direction. you must click on the "edit log" next to the picture in the log. thanks for the help.
  6. is it possible for the co to remove pictures placed on the cache page when they post their logs? there are several pictures of the cache location that make a 3 difficulty cache into a 1d help
  7. would it be possible to have breadcrumb trails active? would it be possible to have an arrow that is visible, much larger then that that is available, that shows the direction of travel? there seems to be no way to reference myself in relation to the cache. on gpsr units it is very easy to tell where the cache is in relation to my travel. can the app always show direction of travel "up"? thanks dave
  8. anyone know what happened? we were in the middle of a coin challenge. i had a gps also so i could continue caching. i was using an android type phone. but there were a bunch that did not know what to do.
  9. if this is a duplicate it is because it is so difficult to find topics. with search oh and thanks for the pointer.
  10. where can i find the manual for this app? dave k7da
  11. where do i find the above mentioned manual. or where is there someplace to learn how to use this app? dave k7da
  12. i went by "triangular" yesterday and i could not find the container. at least where i found it before. and i think it had been marked as missing anyway dave
  13. the "old blue" cache has been repaired. dave k7da
  14. I must add my discontent with this change. first the map is ugly the icons are very large. must be good for the blind. the icons look like the back ground colors and are ugly and hard to see. the map has failed to load several times-- this really needs fixing seems the only way do any thing is to kill the browser and reload. why is Groundspeak trying so very hard to please the "smartphone" crowd? the best thing for that is to discourage use of a "smartphone" and get a real gps. it is very easy to tell when a "smartphone" is used to hide a cache. it is never close to the container. besides it is UGLY!!! did i say it is UGLY and doesn't work right. i really hope that the lackies read these posts and realize that they shot themselves in the foot or maybe in the head. send the programmers home and save a bunch of bucks. why make changes when nothing is broke?????? as someone a few posts ago this well effect my caching negatively that is for sure.
  15. found the link too thanks dave
  16. what do i do to transfer a trackable to someone else?
  17. yes i see that but what i was looking for was to just get rid of the extra pages that must be gone through to get to something useful. the new search page appears to be useful for only 30 miles and i have logged every thing within 50 miles. so what is the advantage? just a waste of time to keep some programmer employed! so i guess we are stuck with the added burden. dave
  18. how do i get rid of the new search stuff and go back the the old way. this new search page is just a waste of time. maybe ok for a nubi but i find it worthless and a time waster. make an option for older users that don't need it. dave
  19. does anyone know of an app for a windows 8.1 tablet? no not for a phone. thanks dave
  20. thank you exactly what i was looking for.
  21. when i log on to geocaching.com and finally go to the map page, i get a map rendered by google. i have no other options. if i happen to be at a friends place and they log on, several of them have the option to choose from several maps. what or where can i change something to choose from one of several maps to be displayed?
  22. neversummer, i hope ypu were not directing that comment at me. i know why i want the information. and most of the locations are good locations. the caches were abandoned and archived by a reviewer.
  23. i tried the project-gc site but did not see how you found archived caches. can you point me in the right direction? dave
  24. thanks for the replies unless you know of a way to get the archived caches. lets close this thread. dave
  25. i find that a lot of the archived caches around here were because the co didn't want to maintain them or lost interest. a lot of the places are good for caches.
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