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What was the best log you have received on a cache of yours?

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I enjoyed this from this year - it was a bit overgrown at the time...


What an epic! I have to say we were more than a little concerned approaching GZ. Not knowing where we would end up, we were not perfectly equipped for ground conditions, but we hadn't come all this way for a DNF.


Embracing our inner Bear Grylls we attacked. First through the bracken and ferns, then the brambles, until we entered the jungle proper. Spotting what we believed was the host, we approached. Having placated an undiscovered tribe, who treated us to an incredible banquet, the cache was spotted. We signed and our extraction began. We await airlift to safety. Our expedition details will be deposited with the Geographical Society of London upon our safe return in 2021.


And then the start of this log from last year. Anything that can manage to remind someone of a family member will hit my spot.



Great Cache surprisingly taking me back to childhood memories of a place where many years ago the Vicar could have preached with my dad, had he belonged back then to the old team that once congregated near the second puzzle gate. A lovely October day for this walk down memory lane, TFTC Blue Square Thing


That one involves me serious cricket, which always helps I find.

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Namib Desert EC   https://coord.info/GC14W63


A sea of red sand with miles and miles of rolling ironized waves.
Waves so high it drowns you out as you stand below it's feet.
But it holds a magical charm. It draws you nearer and invite you up its slopes.
It sucks you in with a promise of spectacular views from the crests.
And when you are deep inside the desert, and the dunes circles you all sides.
And the burning sun starts to slide from the blue sky above.
Then, my friend you will find some peace in your soul.
For all that is wrong in this world does not matter at this time in this place.

Henzz, Namibia, Jun/29/2013

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