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Wonders of the World

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Just want to say Thank you for the having a "challenge" for souvenirs that was easier for a rural cacher like me to complete.


I had to drive 150 miles to get the "brief on the case" souvenir as I had done the caches in my area that had that starting one.  Lucky for me I did not have to drive out of my way for that solo souvenir.


I hope your 2021 challenge (s) will please keep this in mind as some areas are NOT having any new caches because of Covid.  Have a happy holiday season! 

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I didn't finish either Wonders of the World or Memory Lane this year despite being surrounded by unfound caches.  


I've gotten to a point where I only find caches that look interesting to me.  I ignore most caches these days.


In my area of northern New Jersey, a cacher created a geotrail of 76+ Revolutionary War themed historical caches called the "NJ American Revolution Geo Trail".  They've been very interesting, with well written cache pages about places near me with which I didn't know the history, like Fort Lee, the Hermitage, and other cool places.  The caches are found between the most northeastern part of the state all the way down to Trenton, and since most of the caches are really far for me, I've only found about ten so far.  But this series is one that actually piques my interest and gets me out geocaching.

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