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Need help finding orphaned cache's owner


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I found a cache as I was walking along a path. It was definitely out of place (and it was also empty). Found on the Rim Trail along the Oregon Trail in Boise, Idaho.

I tried posting in the NW group, but I haven't gotten past the mod approval. I'm hoping someone here can help me decode this cache and get it to it's owner. 


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Adding location
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Since this question doesn't relate to how the website works, I am moving the thread out of the "How do I...?" forum.


OP, it would help if you posted more details about where you found this cache.  Coordinates would be best.  If you don't have coordinates, describe the area, such as "the Red Trail in City Park, Anytown, Anystate."

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23 hours ago, godoi said:

That's the image.... 


This is one of the weirdest topics I've read in a long time. 

Have posts been edited?  What am I missing?  How is that image supposed to help us figure out what cache you might be talking about.

What is the location of the cache you found, as in coordinates or a letterbox type description as Keystone requested?   And what type of mod approval do you think is required to post a topic in the NW forum?


I am really curious about what you want help with.

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