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Can you keep your own Travel bug?


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48 minutes ago, dennistubaplayer said:

*Warning: noob question! Hey everybody! I was just wondering if it is possible to keep your own travel bug. I bought a stuffed Signal the frog and thought it would be cool if I purchased a TB to put around it's neck. I was planning on bringing it around to events. Can I do this? Thanks! -Dennis

Of course. It's yours! You can even tattoo it on your body!


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No; when you buy a trackable it is meant to be tracked. If you don't place it in a cache within 14 days of purchase, the Geo-Police will be smashing in your door demanding answers. :D


1 hour ago, Max and 99 said:

Of course. It's yours!


This is what I was originally going to write, but Max and 99 already beat me to it.


1 hour ago, cerberus1 said:

We're seeing more people keeping their unusual trackables


Depending on your preferences, if you buy a funky TB and don't want to release it into the wild then I can think of at least three options;

  1. Just keep it, maybe have it on display on the shelf. Many people do this with their fancy GeoCoins which are often limited run items. Some people specifically buy them to add to their collection.
  2. Do what you planning on doing, carry it around and either log it or allow others to log it when you want to (such as at events).
  3. Keep the TB but create a proxy with the tracking code on it (which can be as simple as a bit of laminated paper or something more elaborate like carved wood, engraved metal or directly onto something like a die cast car). Making a proxy is what I did with mine
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