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Blog post Most Favorited Earthcaches on each continent

Max and 99

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I was curious that they're claiming Oceania is a continent when geologically it certainly isn't. Within that geographic region is the continent of Australia, but its most favourited EC is GC1YH39 at Mrs Macquarie's Chair on the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Sadly this isn't some great natural wonder, it's a seat cut into a bit of otherwise unremarkable sandstone where the governor's wife once sat to enjoy the view. The only reason it has so many FPs (228) is because it's in a tourist hotspot and has almost 2000 finds. I suppose it also makes a good photo opportunity for some...




So I guess that's why they called Oceania a continent and found one in New Zealand with more FPs than this.


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I agree, Oceania is not a continent; it's a region. Australia and New Zealand are on two different continents. Does show ignorance.


Australia is the Continent of Australia and NZ belongs to the mostly submerged continent of Zealandia; NZ and New Caledonia being the most notable bits above water.


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13 minutes ago, Goldenwattle said:

That's interesting. Not sure about the 1.5T though, but I haven't been there to check that.


I haven't been there (yet) but from the satellite image it looks like all the waypoints are around the rock flats at the base of the headland, which is off the end of the beach with easy access from the road, so the terrain rating is probably reasonable, perhaps pushing a 2 but I wouldn't think much higher.



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