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  1. Kunarion, you're a legend! I updated my graphics drivers and the problem seems to have been fixed. All my background images look normal again. Big thanks to all who assisted me here with special thanks to kunarion. 👍😀
  2. Sorry BFJ, don't agree with that one. I believe a DNF log is all about the actual search for the cache, not the journey to get there.
  3. As I said.... bizarre!!!!!
  4. For me, definitely a Write Note log type. I use a DNF log when I've actually arrived at GZ, searched for whatever length of time and was unable to locate the cache. The Write Note is telling of my adventure so far. If I arrive at GZ, but don't search, (perhaps muggles are sitting near where I think I want to search), I would still log a write Note log type explaining the situation.
  5. This is bizarre. I've swapped out the image to another one I use and everything looks fine. I then had a look at one of my earthcaches. I've previously not had any issues. Check it out...... Here's what the image should look like....
  6. I've now changed the background image to Hugh's one. The colour looks fine all the way down the page on the left but as you scan across to the right side of the page, you can see the colour shifting. Weird!!!!!
  7. Yes, the image is a .jpg. I've used this image as a background before without issue so not sure why I'm finding a problem now. I'm not sure what you mean by this.
  8. I'm using Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107 on Windows 10
  9. Looking at the background image on some of my cache listings on the website, I've noticed there's an issue with how the image is presented with the colour shifting on the background image as I scroll down the page. Can anyone tell me what's happening here? Is it something I can fix? Thanks for any help. Bottom of page:
  10. As a Basic Member using the Official Geocaching App, (and it sounds like that's the app you are using), only traditional caches with a difficulty and terrain rating of 2 or below, as well as events, will be available to you. As a Basic Member, If you go to the Geocaching website using a browser, then you'll see all geocache types, involving all difficulty/terrain ratings, displayed. Take note of the coordinates, information, hints etc, and go and find the caches. You can log any of these caches via the website. The only caches you won't see are the ones the cache owners have marked as "Premium Member Only". There are other apps for your device you could use for geocaching that will give you full access. Some are free while others have a cost. https://apidevelopers.geocaching.com/partner-list
  11. I was hoping this would be the case. Thanks baer2006 for your response. 👍
  12. I've already disabled all of my caches that are located in the area of restriction. I do have some caches located outside the restricted zone so have left them in play for now. The bonus cache associated with the AL is disabled. By temporarily disabling the AL, are there any issues for those that have previously found the AL? Agree 100%
  13. I'm wanting to disable my AL due to a current Covid-19 Stay At Home health order by our state government (NSW, Australia). I know how to disable it and will enable it again once the restrictions are lifted. My question is, will disabling the AL have any adverse affects on any of the data in the AL? For example, will the Activity Log be wiped clean? Hopefully, it's just a matter of turning it off for a period of time and turning it back on again later and all will be well. Thanks
  14. I don't use the Geocaching page editor. Instead, I use an online HTML editor to create my cache page including adding images. With regard to images, I upload them to the cache page then I right-click the image and select "Copy image address" or similar. I then add the image URL into the online editor. When I'm happy with the page content, I press the "Source" button in the online editor then copy all the HTML code into the appropriate spot on the cache edit page. make sure the cache edit page "Source" button is green. Formatting for everything always stays the same. This is the online editor I use in it's maximised form (4-arrow button): https://www.html.am/html-editors/online-html-editor.cfm
  15. If my cache container is big enough, I always put some SWAG in. I think little kids and big "kids" all like to have a bit of a rummage through the cache contents and see what's there. For me, SWAG is definitely IN, even if it is only to make the contents look attractive. 😀
  16. One tip I've used is to paint the cache container black. This blurs the lines of the container and can help it blend in to its surroundings, depending on the chosen location. Many of the containers I've used in my urban hides have been magnetic but I have used sections of landscaping logs in garden beds to hide bison tubes or 35mm film canisters in. A very specific hint can also contribute to the longevity of a cache hide in an urban environment. I have a series here in Sydney, Australia called "TFTC Sydney" where the TFTC stands for "Totally Findable Tourist Caches". As the name implies, the caches are targeted at visitors, especially overseas visitors, (although there's not too many of those around Sydney at the moment due to Covid19 restrictions on travel to Australia) who want a quick and easy find while out enjoying the sights. The series has been well received by the geo-community. The hints are quite specific, sometimes overly so, which means cachers can arrive at GZ and pretty much put their hand on the cache immediately. They're not spending time searching which can look quite suss to lots of Muggles passing by. The caches have pretty much stayed in place and not disappeared. Also, there has been quite an influx of local newbies to the game. This series has provided a positive experience, in really nice locations, to kick-start their geo-adventures. Here is a link to the first cache in the series that I placed in July, 2019. The gallery has some quite nice photo's of two of Sydney's icons. ? https://coord.info/GC8B1QV
  17. I'll be watching the live stream of the landing. I think this is very exciting!! ? After the landing and if all goes well, does anyone have any idea how long before the camera switches on and takes a photo of the calibration plate for the tracking code? Are we talking minutes, hours, days??
  18. This is one I saw...... Twelve Days of Christmas (Geocaching Style) A ruckus just to get a smiley! 2 hollow logs 3 geocoins 4 Park n grabs 5 Bi-son Tubes! 6 TB dogtags 7 EarthCache essays 8 evil puzzles 9 urban mint-tins 10 nighttime firetacks 11 jumbo ammos 12 sneaky nanos
  19. A friend of mine has a public AL that a few people have already completed. It appears that one of the stages (a train station) may have developed a phone reception/GPS issue that prevents the question being activated within the currently set 100m geofence. This AL is completed while travelling by train. The approaching distance counts down until you are about 400m out and then freezes. The first solution would be to widen the geofence but I'm wondering if it's advisable to change the actual coordinates of the stage in order to activate the question prior to arriving at the station. Would this cause any issues to anyone who previously completed the AL? Can this cause the AL to crash? Are there any other problems that might occur because of the coordinate change? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. I couldn't agree more barefootjeff. I just love the challenge and adventure of multicaches.... as you well know!!! ??
  21. Machu Picchu... an awesome virtual. GC7B9HF
  22. I've received this email recently also. I've tried contacting the CO of the cache but no response so far. Frustrating!! ?
  23. Of the 8 listed by Ambrosia, I've visited 5 of them..... Roman Colosseum, Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer and the Great Pyramid of Giza. My most recent visit was to Macchu Pichu back in March. This is such an awesome place to see and was a highlight of our trip to South America.
  24. My PQs run perfectly (11 year player) however my daughter, who is a new Premium Member, still can't get hers to generate. She's had communication with Megan from HQ so they are aware of the issue and are working on it to get it fixed. In the interim, trekr2 suggested to me a workaround that we were able to use to load a local area PQ into a Garmin 62s I had lying around for her to use. Thanks to trekr2 for the information. 1 Logon to Geocaching and do a search with the Search function or on the map. Use filters as appropriate.2 Note that the search may return thousands of caches (depending on your parameters)3 Save the first 1000 caches to a List 4 Go to My Lists then tap the 3 dot menu at the end of the line for the list you created5 Download GPX as a GPX Zip File then extract 6 Upload extracted GPX file to your device
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