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Activating a Personalized GeoCoin

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On 4/16/2020 at 2:53 PM, SkippyDoDa said:

Can I create my own GeoCoin, if so how do I obtain an activation code?



You need to create and submit a design for approval... basically any geocoin need to have the text "Trackable at www.geocaching.com".

Then use this link to buy the codes.

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If I was to create my own, single coin, I'd buy a Travel Bug (or whatever was cheap at the moment), and use that trackable's code.    :)

Realize that any trackable you buy will only give you the original trackable's custom icon along with it. 

The coin you found for example, has a custom icon that usually only comes with a sizable order...

Shop Geocaching is closed to may 15th (that virus thing...), but a simple google search "geocaching trackable" will give you more than enough sites to choose from.

Like most trackables, you get an activation code with each trackable, to make it's  trackable code working with this site.


If you're looking to make many coins,  most of that information is in the  Help Center,  section on Mint Geocoins and Trackables.    

Reading through it a bit will show it's kind of a pain-in-the-can to do.  and we found it cheaper to have a vendor make them for us.


For pretty-much everything you might ever need to know about Trackables, there's a lengthy section in the Help Center.




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