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Verify Final Coordinates

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I like this new added function, but not only for caches that use the geocaching internal checker. This does not make any sense to me, becacuse none of the old caches have this one in use and many owners do not use it. How about implementing this possibility to check the already found solutions ( I use a single 'solved mysteries' database in GSAK) for ALL mystery caches?



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37 minutes ago, Megalodon said:

but every mastery cache needs to have a final coordinate, right ?


Not right. Every cache must demonstrate GPS usage, but it is enough that you can find, for example, a starting point using coordinates. The final can be something you must find without using navigation to coordinates. There must be hidden final coordinates but there is no reason to check those hidden coordinates in this case.

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Why do you only share your opinion? I wanted to make clear, that giving this new API option is totally nonsense so far, if only the caches which enabled the internal checker can be tested.


How about an answer of the groudspeak HQ ?

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5 hours ago, Megalodon said:

How about an answer of the groudspeak HQ ?

Good luck with that.


I am not a volunteer reviewer or a lackey, and I don't even play one on TV. But I agree with arisoft on this one. Allowing API-based checks is a bad idea, and would lead to more automated battleshipping.


Then again, it might lead more puzzle owners to switch from the built-in checker to Certitude or one of the other third-party checkers.

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59 minutes ago, Megalodon said:

I only want the new API function "check coodinates" to be extended to more than just the ones using the geocaching.com internal checker.


I would like to get this function removed from API because it is a potential tool for battleshipping. At least cache owners should be warned about this loophole.


Yesterday I was solving a puzzle that is using a sort of (manual) checker that is based on 3rd party website. My own API tools to that site are capable of about 10 checks per second but that was too slow to be able to solve the puzzle in couple of hours. My friend gave me a better tool that is capable of checking about million checks per second. I managed to solve the puzzle in minutes by using this kind of brute force. I foresee a possibility to "solve" puzzles by using a distributed API solution where many players are battleshipping together.

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