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I tried a search and got a lotta them.  That was frustrating.  Sooo many “CHUD” defined as “CHUD”.  Evidently it's an in-joke, and I'm not invited.  These caches identified as “CHUD” appear to be in drainage areas or culverts, so that's a clue. However, “CHUD” seems to be more about the people than the place.


I saw a couple of references that say “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers” (from a movie), and I can't tell if that's the real term or another in-joke.  Anyway, my best guess it's a reference that a cache is underground (in a culvert, maybe), and that if you go hunt it, you're the "CHUD".



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Similar to kunarion, I see it as caches in ditches, culverts, drainage pipes and such, and the CHUD reference was just to give a bit of spookiness to it.

 - That "look over your shoulder ,or you might escape holding your own intestines" kinda humor.   You have a few of them in your state.   :)

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1 hour ago, RobinsonClan56 said:

I finally tracked this down. kunarion was correct - I am guessing it is a reference to the movie, not unlike folks who do a Harry Potter or Star Wars based series.

Looks like the caches are all underground.



When our library reopens I'll see if I can rent this movie. Curiosity has won. 

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