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Looking at the Listing page, it appears to have been Archived by your local Reviewer 5 Years Ago.  On that fact alone, my guess is that the answer is going to be No, but the second strike against Unarchival is the Policy that Listing pages will no longer be Unarchived when they have been Archived for unresponsiveness of the Cache Owner.  



If a cache is archived by a reviewer or staff for lack of maintenance, it will not be unarchived.


Link for reference:



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Hi, Its my cache and I was the one who requested it be archived. 


There is a secret compartment built into the front of my cafe. The local council made us put glass over it because of heritage reasons. We recently got permission to remove the glass and the cache is accessible. It would be a pity to start again given the great history and all the favourite points.


Can this please be unarchived?





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A pity yes, but not impossible.  You'll need to contact the Reviewer that Archived your Listing for a final resolution.  Failing that, you would need to contact HQ for a final ruling, but my sense is that a 5 year old Archived Listing will not be granted special dispensation.  In other words, I would not set my optimism too high for success.

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2 hours ago, powder70 said:

Hi, Its my cache and I was the one who requested it be archived. 


Looks like a lot of folks liked it.  :)     Curious though, why you didn't archive it yourself. 

A cacher prior to the NA said it "should" have been archived too, a full week earlier.

By logs, the Reviewer gave you a 28 day window to respond to the archive.  Instead, you modified the cache's description/history.

Maybe easier to start a new cache there ...  


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