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Garmin Etrex 30 - Won't turn on apart from when plugged in computer


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Strangely I feel like I'll get more support here than Garmin's own customer support forums! ? 


I've bought a used Garmin Etrex 30 from eBay, that I can't turned on. I've tried pressing the on button, on + menu, on + menu + selection etc... nothing seems to turn on the device. Yet, when I plug it in via USB cable in the computer it loads fine, connects to Garmin Express and so on. The latest software is installed. 


Any ideas of what the issue could be?


Thanks in advance!

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If  A. Good batteries are installed properly and B. the battery compartment looks clean, I would suspect that at one time there may have been a battery acid leak that seeped under the plastic housing and damaged the contacts inside. Unit may have been cleaned thoroughly on the outside, but not on the inside. May be time to do some very careful exploratory surgery....


At the 1:00 marker in this video you can clearly see the two battery contacts on the motherboard. If yours have any corrosion they will need to be cleaned and lightly scuffed with a very fine sandpaper (2000 grit).



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Ok here we go... believe it or not, it was the batteries. They were empty despite coming from a new pack. Tested with another set and it worked fine and straightaway. Empty batteries in a new pack, I've never seen this before ?

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I once had a pair of lithium batteries that were pretty much dead out of the package. Things happen. We geocachers go through a lot of batteries with our GPS devices, which is why many of us choose to use rechargeables. Cheaper in the long run, and the batteries tend to be more reliable and longer lasting than a typical pair of Alkaline AAs.

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