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List refresh does not work


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I work with lists both on my iphone, on my ipad and on the web site. If a list has been deleted from the ipad or the web site, and I open the list function on my iphone, one would thing that a refresh happens and the deleted list would not show. I get all new lists into the list, but the deleted ones are still there.


I also tried pulling down to refresh, but the deleted list is still there.

If I try to open the deleted list, it will show for a second, and then I go back to the lists overview.


I have version 8.10.0 of the app, and it was updated nov 20th.

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I have been having a similar problem pretty much since day one of the app use.  When I find a cache and log online on the PC, it doesn't always update the list on the app like it does on the PC.  On the phone app list, you have to click on the cache in question, then pull down to refresh, and then it shows as found.


Same issue when removing caches.  Typically, I log as found online on PC, then I remove the cache from the list on PC.  When I go back to using the list on the phone app, the cache still appears in my list, even when I try to refresh.  I have to pick the cache and remove it from the list, and then I get the message that the cache has already been removed.  I have to do this for every cache that has already been removed on the PC, the app does not refresh.


This issue was reported back in 2018 with no response.


I created a short list of caches (6) to check on when visiting family over the holidays.  I was able to pull up the list on my iPhone and use it to find 3 of the caches.  When I got home, I used my computer to delete the caches I had found from the list.  When I checked the list later on my iPhone, the caches I had deleted from the list were still showing up.  The phone said there were 3 caches on the list in the header, but all 6 caches were showing up.  I tried updating the list on the phone, but the caches still showed up.  I have to manually remove them from the list on the phone, which does work, but it responds with the message "This geocache has already been removed."  It also incorrectly updates the number of caches on the list, but that is corrected when I update the list on the phone.  I appreciate creating lists on the computer for use on my phone when I'm out, but I wish they updated correctly.

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I've had the same issue, old iPhones (6+) and new (12 Pro Max). The only way to correct this other than individually re-deleting each cache from a list on the iPhone app is to delete and re-install the iPhone app, then list contents are in sync on iPhone app and web based host application. If I delete from the iPhone app to begin with the web side is updated, no problem. Ideally, should work the same in either direction.

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An update to my own comments from 7 August 2021: The updates on my iPhone do not apply to my wife's iPhone or iPad. Her 2 devices would still need to be manually updated or have the app deleted and re-added to sync the lists. Seems the issue may be with the refresh function on the handheld devices?!?


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I will affirm this issue.  I will often create a list on my computer and download it in the iPhone app.  After going on my geocaching trip, I will come home to my computer to log the caches I found and delete the caches I found from the list.  The list is correct on the computer, but the deleted caches still show up on the iPhone list unless I go in and manually delete them.  It would be nice if the refresh list command in the app completely updated the list from scratch instead of just looking for newly added information.

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