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  1. I just noticed that the questions that are added as a «mark» on way points on multi caches no longer are showing in the ios app. When I open in web browser the questions are there. For those multi cache where the questions are not repeated in the description, they do not make much sense. The work around is to open in web browser, but it took a while to figure this out. I have ios 13.6 on my iphone and ipad, and latest version of the app. See example in attached images (GC2T5GJ)
  2. When editing lists there are two buttons at the top of the page. The one on the left for deleting has a typo in norwegian language file. Correct label should be "Slett fra liste" ('slet' means 'struggled' like in "she struggled to delete the caches"). The correct spelling "slett" is used in the dialogue which is shown when you click this button.
  3. I work with lists both on my iphone, on my ipad and on the web site. If a list has been deleted from the ipad or the web site, and I open the list function on my iphone, one would thing that a refresh happens and the deleted list would not show. I get all new lists into the list, but the deleted ones are still there. I also tried pulling down to refresh, but the deleted list is still there. If I try to open the deleted list, it will show for a second, and then I go back to the lists overview. I have version 8.10.0 of the app, and it was updated nov 20th.
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