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Effects of locking a TB that I own

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Early in my geocaching career, I was given a custom TB from a geocaching group I met while vacationing in my hometown.  I attended one of their events and had a great time - at the end of the event they gave me the TB as a "parting gift".  I activated it, and have been carrying it to caches since, as a mileage tracker of sorts.  In July of this year, I made it collectible, then added it to my collection, which took it out of my visible inventory so I wouldn't have to see it to check (or not) at every cache I log. I did the same with another personal TB I carry.


Today I received a "Discover" log - from a cacher based in Germany, "found on the internet".  Will locking the TB prevent those logs?  I no longer use it for tracking my mileage, it's just in my geobag as a memento of my visits to NY and that caching group.  AFAIK, the code# is not posted anywhere.  I keep it with me, and don't even show it to others to discover, and have not posted any photos of it.  I remembered this recent thread:

I plan to delete the discover log, then lock the TB.  As it is my TB, in my possession, I can unlock it if I want to in the future, correct?  And locking will prevent bogus logs like I just received, correct?


I guess I'm lucky in that I have not received this kind of log before.  I've seen it happen on some TB's that I have legitimately picked up from a cache and moved on; my logs are lost in all the discovers that say it's in Europe when I have it in my hands.  But it's not my TB, so I drop it into a cache as soon as I can and move on.  This recent discover is a log I know can't possibly be right!  I want to be sure that deleting the log and then locking the TB is a proper course of action.  Thanks for the feedback!

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1 hour ago, TriciaG said:

If you still want to use it, you could lock it, then unlock it during your logging session to "visit" it to caches you found, then lock it again when you're done logging. ;)

I could, but I'm now using a trackable I Heart Geocaching patch that I got in a grab bag sale awhile back - the patch goes with me as it's sewn onto my geobag/backpack, and others can discover it as I bring it to events and meet people on trails and stuff.  So now that's the one accumulating mileage, along with me.  

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