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Triangle geocachers meeting

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It's been a while since we got together.It looks like a bunch of us are going to the Triad feed the wildlife event, If it is a succes,would anyone be interested in doing one here? Maybe we could meet at Chuck'ems. Then we could head out to a park or Greenway to set up a cache and feed critters?


Post if interrested.



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Won't be able to make the triad event. I'll be skiing in Breckenridge, CO. It sounds like a cool event and would be up for a triangle version when I return. I may be able to host a meet here at the Museum of Natural Sciences if folks are into an indoor meet during the dreary season. Might be able to doa musuem scavanger hunt kind of thing, since GPS and cell reception sucks in the building.

Happy New Year to all! icon_cool.gif


Be careful what you wish for!

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I live in the south, have done so for most of my life (AZ to AR covers most of the south, also lived in LA, OK, TX, and if that is not enough, then we are no longer talking about the South.), but have never heard of "A Triangle" short of the Bermuda.... So, where is this triangle that I may consider joining?




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i am new to the sport but i recognized your names from the caches i have found so far and looking on this website.....it would be great to meet you guys..and put faces to the names so to speak..


Chuck-em's sound like that would be a neat place to hold it..havent gotten a chance to go there yet..



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