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A very late reply to this topic. Is GDAK still usable?


After a long time non active I'm preparing to make a trip with some caching in it. I used the macro as I did in the past, database goes into GDAK on my phone but GDAK is always saying "0 caches".


So you can see the database and select it, but for GDAK the database is empty. 


Is this due to the API problem? 

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On 9/24/2023 at 6:18 PM, Joverowa said:

Is GDAK still usable?

Yes. I just replaced my old Samsung with a new Asus Zenphone 10 with Android 13 and GDAK works quite flawless.

I'm not using it for navigation but as an offline archive of cache listings, browsing (filtered) caches on a map and on Multis to record variable values.

On 9/24/2023 at 6:18 PM, Joverowa said:

Is this due to the API problem? 


I suspect that by updating your smartphone to newer Android versions some restrictions came into play which now prevents GDAK to access the database. My new install on a new smartphone worked without any additional fiddling with access rights though.

So I don't think the API is the problem but since I'm not using the macro but only copying the GSAK database to my smartphone I leave the answer to experts which hopefully show up to answer also my question below :):


I miss the data I entered in GDAK on my old mobile (values of variables, Waypoints).

Does anybody know if it's possible to copy over that data from my old mobile and if so how?

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