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My name is ampdavid and I'm your Product Manager for Adventures here at HQ.  My first two months here at HQ have been very busy and I wanted to spend a moment to update you on our progress.  I also wanted to thank you for all the wonderful feedback we've been receiving through the app, it's been helpful and informative.  


Feedback Summary


You want a map?  No problem.   It's the #1 most requested feature and we're working on delivering it to you this summer.  We also have been focusing on fixing bugs and taking your suggestions for making your adventuring easier.   






What's our vision for Adventures?  Adventures is a platform that enables anyone to create, share, and play using interactive location-based gaming.   In order to achieve this vision we have a roadmap to get us there.  Where are we starting?  Here's our roadmap for the next couple months.




We're going to start with making a compelling and playful Map view to help you explore.   We are also going to be working on making it easier and clearer for new adventurers to sign up—data shows us that we have an opportunity to make this easier for more casual players.  The other big focus is giving you the ability to send feedback to the adventure creator and other members of the community.  We want to make it easier for you to give each other feedback on all the wonderful Adventures that have been created.  


We've got a lot of exciting things planned going into 2020, so stay tuned!  And thanks again for all the feedback, it really is helpful.


- ampdavid



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A map showing all stages of different Adventures qould be great. Geowoodstock in Fort Worth is a great example of the need of this feature.

Leaving feedback after completing an Adventure is desirable. Messaging during an Adventure is not.

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17 minutes ago, BLONDECACHE said:

Planning on attending some upcoming MEGA events that have "lab caches". The event planners stated to download the new app, so I downloaded it. It just sits on a screen [...]


What does this screen say? Is it some kind of general explanation (with an orange background)? If so, try to swipe right to left up to the moment when you'll be asked for your credentials.

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On 8/19/2019 at 11:02 PM, BLONDECACHE said:

OK...sure that works...so when I am near a lab cache then it pops up and I enter the answer?... Now, hoping that I will have reception...Thanks!!!


It won't pop up. You'll have to start Adventure Lab Cache's app, select the adventure you want to follow, read the description and tap on "Start". Then you'll have to get close of one the individual Lab Cache of the Adventure. You'll tap on "View details". You can try it at home with any ALC. Do you see this "Get closer" button on the right hand side? It is pictured as a lock. On location, this button will be replaced by an "Answer" button. Find the answer where the app tells you it is and type it in order to register you're successful. :grin:


A last tip... After having "started" an ALC, you can switch from the map view to a list view (which in my opinion is a better option). You'll have to tap the upper right hand side corner icon (it has the appearance of a three line bulleted list and is located right next the Adventure title).

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