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New KOREA roll call


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Are you a Korean geocacher or want to geocache in Korea with other geocachers. Let's organize and work together to make Korea a great place to Geocache! Who else is here?


여기에 다른한국 지오캐셔가 있나요? 지오캐싱 행사 가본 적 있어요? 나중에 만나서 같이 지오캐싱하면 좋겠어요. 

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Hello from Canada!  I think you already have a great place to cache, my compliments.  I've visited Korea twice now - mostly Seoul, but also Busan - for a few weeks each time, with a solid focus on caching in the hills every day.  (Did I really go up Gwanaksan three times already?)  Oh and eating that wonderful food.  :)


I'm pretty sure I'll visit Korea a third time, fourth time, etc...  Maybe every couple of years to let the cache map evolve, and hopefully even with some geo-friends in tow.  (Managed to drag a couple of friends to Hong Kong last winter; that's another caching mecca that I keep returning to.)

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Hi Viajero Perdido!


I've seen your name both in Busan and up Gwanak, I also just missed you at Harrycho's event when you were here last. Hopefully we can head out hiking next time you are here. Gwanak is my favorite mountain worth the hike even without the geocaches. Next time you're here let me know and we'll get some awesome Korean BBQ. 

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