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Missing Feature? Garmin 66s

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I'm a retired senior having lived most of my life here in Canada. What that means is I grew up on feet and fahrenheit well before everything changed to the metric system. As a result, I like to have two main profiles on my 66s. My geocaching profile is in statute units so, when I'm on a trail, I can flip to the compass page and follow the big red arrow to the cache while counting down in feet. In automotive profile, I like using kilometres as all of our road speeds and distances are metric, but when I change units it affects both profiles. My old school self (stubborn, lol) finds this to be a minor annoyance. Did I miss something? My apologies if this has been peviously addressed.

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This has not been addressed before. And now makes me wonder whether the units of measurement settings are profile independent in other Garmin GPS as well. That said, this is not the forum to really complain. Garmin doesn't read here. You might give them a suggestion directly. Maybe they'll actually listen. Who knows.

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