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New, aspiring Geocacher :)


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Hello all, especially you SE Portland locals!


Just got my SporTrak Color via UPS this afternoon, and the wife and I are looking forward to exploring the area.


Anyone have any hints, tips, locations, events, etc. for a neophyte?




~rick & deb



"Seems to be I can't even find my own bum with a GPS..."

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I'm not from Portland, but I do like to come down and cache in hte Columbia River Gorge area. Welcome to the sport! Lots of great scenic caches.


This one is a bit out of the way towards Mt. Hood on Larch Mountain, but is a great picnic spot and there is a short hike you can do after bagging the cache to a supreme viewpoint of all the major mountains...Jefferson, Hood, Adams, etc.



Here's some suggestions in hte Gorge proper. You can see other caches by clicking All Nearest caches link on hte cache page.


This particular cache is easy and a great waterfall:











The last two above are by Dan and Janet...they've put out a bunch of great caches! Their cache pages provide links to their other caches.


This one is a tougher climb and some P-oak, but a great cache anyway:



This one is reached off Highway 35 near Hood River and is a TOP TEN cache:



This should get you started in the Gorge. Others will give you some Portland proper caches.

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Welcome, Spoondog! icon_smile.gif

A great way you might start your geocaching 'career' is by finding Un-Original which is mere yards from where the very first geocache was hidden, and this whole game started! (Un-Original was our very first cache just over a year ago).


Or type your zipcode into the 'hide & seek a cache' page, and see what's close to you and sounds interesting. If you like strenuous hikes, they're out there! Incredible views--out there! Hidden falls and lakes? Yep! Caches 50 feet from the car? You betcha. There are caches out there for just about everyone!


Keep an eye on these Northwest boards, 'cause we have Portland-area cacher's get-togethers regularly, and you won't want to miss 'em!


In fact, here are some coming up:

A challenge this summer?

Trading Caches


Lookin' forward meeting you on the trail!

--laurak of dasein


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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oregone is like watching one of Emerils cooking shows when he says "lets kick it up a notch!". His cache logs are the spice that makes geocaching so much more entertaining.



The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup


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Woo hoo, my first cache found!


I took dasein's advice and found the "Un-Original" cache today as my first cache. It took a while because I parked at the wrong spot in the road and ended up walking the trails that are sorta SW of the cache location. Eventually I broke down and decoded the hint, which gave me the info I needed to walk down the road and find the cache. icon_smile.gif


I looked for, but couldn't find, the original bucket described in the history. Is it even still there anymore?


Anyway, I did start making a list of things I need to add to my cachesack (geocaching backpack): ziplock bags, trash bags, gloves, flashlight, and liquid bandaids. I'm also going to print up some 'business cards' for dropping in logs. Anything else I need to add? [Edit: don't bother answering this question, I'm searching the forums for pertinent threads.]


evergreenhiker: thanks for the hints; i don't know when I'll be exploring the gorge caches - i don't feel quite up to the challenge yet, but maybe later this summer. For now I think I better find a few more local caches to gain more experience.


oregone: I liked your reply, very creative and interesting! I'll have to spend some more time exploring those links.


I think tomorrow I'm going to try the "Falls to a Higher Elevation," "Oregon History Lesson #8," and "Canemah Cache" as they appear to be very close to each other.


Wish me luck! See ya on the trails or in the forums; and thanks again!





"Seems to be I can't even find my own bum with a GPS..."


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Originally posted by oregone:
Originally posted by SpoonDog:


oregone: I liked your reply, very creative and interesting! I'll have to spend some more time exploring those links.



Oregone, I knew you were out there, I just didn't know how far.


Dude those links rocked.




Cum catapultae proscriptae erat,

tum soli proscript catapultas habeunt.



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