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Groundspeak Builder removing code


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I know that I really ought to just give up with the Groundspeak builder but it's what I'm used to.
I have recently got the builder running on a Windows 10 laptop having only used it on old XP laptops before.

I started making a new cartridge with this sequence of events
 Enter zone, message appears, click OK, second message appears, click OK zone 1 set to not visible or active, zone 2 set to active and visible

Yeah, simple stuff.
However, whenever I close and reopen the cartridge in the builder, the code for the second message onwards gets removed. The whole 'action group' has gone.
I've had all sorts of issues with the builder in the past eg incorrect 'if' nesting which I've been able to work around but never had it dropping chucks of code in this way

Anyone else had this occur?
Should I just give up and use a different builder?


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