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Distance between multi-caches... any guidelines?


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hey all... I am planning my first cache, and I am debating whether to make it a two-state multicache or not.


Problem is... the 2 sites I am thinking of are about a fifteen-twenty minute drive from each other, non-rushhour. For the record, the first place is a visually wonderful place I would really love to share with others. Definitely great for photographers. The clue to the second cache's coords would be nice and obvious when you get there... good for any impatient types that just wanna speed to the REAL cache already. icon_smile.gif


Is fifteen minutes driving (from the general neighborhood of Helvetia Tavern to near Denny Road in Beaverton) too much for a multi?


Hope not... I DO want to share this place...




-Elana (a.k.a. "sparrowhawk" and formerly a.k.a. "falcospav" here on this site.)

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In the Deep South we say; “The proof is in the pudding”. Place the multi-cache anyway you would like, BUT, be sure you state on the page (not in the hint) the time and distance requirements. That way, anyone who isn’t willing to devote the time and/or travel the distance will know what to expect up front.


If the first few finders complain, then you MIGHT want to split it into two separate caches, that would be up to you.


I love the creativity of this game, and I like to see each player’s personality expressed in their caches (type, contents, locations, etc.) so just go for it, as long as you follow the rules/guidelines of geocaching.com the rest is up to you.



Since my masochistic baby left me, I got nothing to whip but the cream.

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Quantum mentioned my Low-Medium-High cache. That one takes a couple (if not a few) hours to complete, most of which is driving.

At first, I didn't mention all the driving on the cache page. But, after some input, I figured it would be good to put some sort of warning on there...


I was gunna say something else too... But I just blanked out! heheh


Oh yeah... My reason for making such a long and drawn-out multi? LMH was my second cache. My first one got plundered, so I wanted whoever was plundering to have to go through a lot of effort to find it.

So far, it's my longest lasting cache icon_wink.gif





N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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I have one in Bend - Quad dadgum It Runaround - that starts out in town and ends up about 15 miles away icon_wink.gif and has four stages. I have had to tweak it a couple times but things work out. Just make sure your clue for the next location is hard to take or easy to replace. There is a cache in the Clarkston, Idaho area - "Eagles Nest " - that is somewhere around 40 some odd miles. One way. Four stages. Starts in town and ends up way out in the sticks and about 4,000 feet higher. But it is one nice hunt. Just put it out and wait for the screaming of either joy icon_biggrin.gif or the whine of cry babies. icon_mad.gif The replys will let you know what to do next!

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Originally posted by logscaler:

I have one in Bend - Quad dadgum It Runaround - that starts out in town and ends up about 15 miles away

icon_wink.gif and has four stages.


I've been too terrified to try QDIR yet... but soon! icon_biggrin.gif


In reply to the original post, I think in general if driving between waypoints is required/recommended, it would be nice to mention that in the cache description. If completion during a single day is unlikely, that would be nice to know also.



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