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Another exchange cache I haven't seen before in Bray, Ireland


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I'm going to be leaving on a trip to Belgium next weekend and have an overnight layover in Dublin.  I thought I'd try to go find Europe's First, in nearby Bray.  I was looking at the map of caches in the area to see if there were any puzzle caches I could solve before I left and discovered this cache:  Ireland, all around the world


The way it seems to work is that each visitor to the cache page will get a subset of the final coordinates, depending on which country their from (I got a set of coordinates from the U.S.)  I thought I'd start a thread for this cache so that others could exchange coordinate info.  


Here's how it can work.  Visit the cache page at the link above then write down the coordinates show in the image.  Then post a response to this thread indicating which country you're from and that you're willing to exchange coordinates.  Those interested in solving the puzzle can message or email those that respond to get the needed portions of the coordinates.  Do not post the coordinates that you see on the site here or the final solution.  

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43 minutes ago, hzoi said:

Interesting.  It thinks I'm using a proxy (I'm not, I used my German cell phone) and called me a cheater.


edit: forgot to specify, I'll help out


Yes, the site will detect if you're using a proxy, call you a cheater, and display a set of coordinates with all of the useful digits missing.


Both this one, and the one that Irisisleuk mentions have a line in the description which indicates that: "The geocache was meant to be solved like the title says by travelling around the world (youself)."


The thing is I'm only going to be in Ireland long enough to find the cache at the beginning of the trip, which means I can visit the site from Ireland and will get a portion of coordinates there but then I'll be going to Belgium and Luxembourg after my only opportunity to find the cache.  

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