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Need help

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Hi everbody,


My name is tinschaa and i am from austria. 

I am on a trip for 1,5 jears more through amerika . I plan to leave everywere where i go my foodprints in form of a geocash and on the end of my trip i plan to make a bonus cash back at home. So you can just find the bonuscash by visiting al the places whitch i have visited, or by collecting the travelbugs whitch are always ment to travel throu the stadte where the cash is locatet. 


So i need local geocasher to look for my boxes. Its just to give them a new logbook if needet, and replace the box at the worst case. But there gonna be typical austiran cashes, so they should not get muggeled. 


So i would need hepl in

new york

Atlantic beach





thanks for helping.:)



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Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to publish geocaches that are not near your home, because you will be unable to maintain them, unless you provide the reviewer with a specific person who will maintain these caches and a solid maintenance plan

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Hum I don't think lot of people will be able to log the bonus cache in Austria if they need to find 5 caches in the USA far from each others.


About the travel bug part you will need to release a bunch because people don't read about their missions or they get lost pretty quickly. 


Also according to your profile you have no hide so I am wondering how a reviewer would accept to publish cache so far away from your home.


Finally how an Austrian cache is different so it won't get muggled?


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Posted (edited)

Covered well enough.  Should be Geocaching 101 stuff...

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givupamachitus (cough, cough)

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No offense, and again it may be just me, but if I ever thought of maintaining a cache full-time for another, I'd like to see what their track record is (to see if they  ever had issues in the past).

 - You don't have a track record.   :) 

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Maybe you could utilize some virtual waypoints in the places you are visiting, but like others have said, the number of Finds on such a cache design will approximate zero. 


Best of luck with you idea and have a great trip. 

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