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  1. Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to publish geocaches that are not near your home, because you will be unable to maintain them, unless you provide the reviewer with a specific person who will maintain these caches and a solid maintenance plan
  2. I agree with your points. But if I was rewarded a "Webcam Reward" I would not want to put it out. I personally do not want to deal with the upkeep and log maintenance with one of these.
  3. Yes but people don't want to disable or archive webcams because they are so rare.
  4. I've made a bookmark list of what's out so far https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?code=BM591HH
  5. Are webcams even a thing these days? How many people/businesses/towns are even using webcams? And my thought is that there is a huge issue with someone using the webcam over a business/college/town that isn't their own and that they have no control over because there isn't anything they can do if the webcam has technical difficulties or the owner decides not to do it anymore. If they were to do this I think it should be a requirement that the CO setup their own webcam somehow. But finding a location for that would be difficult, as people may not want it at their home and I'm not sure many people would allow someone to put a webcam in their business or anything like that. Webcams are much more involved than virtual caches are. And as mentioned above there is still the ongoing issue of people abusing the system and logging finds when they shouldn't. Webcams are fun, but I don't think they should be brought back.
  6. My vote is that a phone is very comparable to a GPSr these days. I have found 1700+ caches and probably 90% of those have been with my phone. I get instances where certain areas will have my GPS bouncing a bit but that happens with handheld GPS units as well. And the firmware on phones is updated constantly and updates are pushed out. And for handheld units firmware updates don't come out all that often or the user does not always remember to update the firmware.
  7. Yes, please don't ask for these to be archived. Rules for virtuals were different back then. I've been to some great places because a virtual was there. I would really hate to see some of these archived just because the CO isn't active anymore
  8. I agree. The Summer Road Trip promo was probably my favorite. That was the first time I pushed myself to go out and get a T5 cache. It actually prompted me to try different caches I probably would not otherwise have. Now, just go out and find any 100 caches.
  9. I asked the following on Twitter: And got the following response: I understand trying to make different promotions to "engage the entire community" but this promotion is essentially the same as Planetary Pursuit; go out and find a bunch of caches to get a bunch of points and then you get a bunch of souvenirs. This one however is even less interesting because all caches have the same number of points. At least Planetary Pursuit rewarded you for finding more creative and interesting caches.
  10. 100% agree. These promotions are becoming "find a bunch of geocaches no matter how good they are." It is promoting quantity or quality. This encourages people to just go out and do a power trail or a bunch of park and grabs. What happened to the days of Finding a T5/D5 cache, or finding a cache with 10 favoite points. You're awarding people for finding high quantities of caches, instead of awarding them for finding high quality, unique and creative caches. I do not like where these promotions are going. Plus if you've already found many or all of the caches in your area how are you supposed to find 100 caches in a month? I think I've only ever done that once. I work a full time job and finding 100 in a month averages out to just less than 4 a day. This is getting a little out of hand I think
  11. There were people saying over the past few days to make your log the 27th to get the souvenir, and then to change the date back to the 26th. This has been fixed now and all new logs for May 26th will get the new souvenir. As RC said, it will take some time to go through logs and retroactively award the souvenir for those with a May 26 date
  12. You shoukd be getting a souvenir. Theres some sort of issue on the back. I’m betting it will be fixed tomorrow when HQ is back open. Or you can use the trick mentioned above. Personally, I’m just going to wait it out.
  13. Glad you guys had a good time. Usually April is not like this. You got bad luck and got one of the worst days we've had in the past few months. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate with you
  14. I live 40 miles north of The Spot (GC39). We have not had much snow lately, but at the higher elevations down south there may be some, but I don't think there would be a significant amount. Also the best approach to the cache is an uphill dirt road whose condition varies greatly with changing weather conditions. The weather in the area later this week is in the 30s-40s with some chance of rain, but no predicted to get cold enough for snow. Hope this helps
  15. Thank you! I've been waiting for the map a list feature for a long time!
  16. Team Bear-Cat - from what I'm seeing you did not post in this forum that you hadn't received your coin until January 14, many months after the mission. I am not trying to be negative, but why didn't you say anything sooner? I did have a tracking number for your package but unfortunately lost the receipt from the post office. They did offer to trade a coin with me, (I'm a her by the way), but I do not currently have an unactivated coin to trade and will be going on vacation soon and don't have time to purchase and send one in a timely manner. Also I am not currently looking to add more coins to my collection. I have too many as it is. Still the biggest concern is why you did not post anything here that you did not receive your coin. Going back through the posts, you also did not post in here when you sent your coin to your recipient until January 14th.
  17. Now it has reappeared. I don't know how or why as I didn't change anything and I'm using the same computer and browser.. weird
  18. I have a lot of information and description in the About section of my public profile. Now I'd like to edit that section but when I go to my account settings to edit this information there's nothing in the About section. It has to be somewhere as I can still see everything when I view my profile
  19. I like your ideas there Hans. I totally agree that Lists should have to same interface as the search results. And it would be fantastic if you could view a list on a map.
  20. When I go to my profile and want to see the events I've attended of all types (regular, CITO and Mega) and click the link for All Event Cache Types I get a list for the first page of 71 results for all event types that I've attended. When I get to page 3 of the list, my results go down to 55 and are only showing regular events, no longer showing CITOs or Mega events.
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